Topic: Dragon Quest X confirmed for Wii... and Wii U! (Cross-Platform, too!)

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Well, SquareEnix released the details. Dragon Quest X will be coming to the Wii... and the Wii U! Apparantly, it'll have heavy online support and both versions can work together. Here's IGN with the details.

Thoughts? I'm looking forward to it. What about you guys?

EDIT: Not an MMORPG. Kinda glad for that, really, heh.

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Fantastic news! I am extremely glad that it is coming to the Wii U. This means that I am definitely getting a Wii U now.



I'll probably get the Wii U version and pass on the Wii version I guess.
Still got a few good games on the way for the Wii anyway and assuming it'll be out around launch this could be a pretty good start for the Wii U if the improvements over the Wii version are good enough.


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MasterGraveheart wrote:

@WaltzElf: I went by IGN's report... I can't read Japanese. ^^;

It originally stated MMORPG there.

And my translation of Japanese might be off, I'm not definitively saying either way.

But I don't think Dragon Quest X is any more MMO than Monster Hunter Tri. That is to say, it's lobby-based.

Which would make much more sense, given it's Nintendo and the Wii we're talking about.

Edit: looking at the screenshots, I think mabye I mistranslated. It looks indeed like a real MMO. That impresses me greatly.

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maybe if NOA still tries to justify not localizing Xenoblade I'll have money to get this?

Despite the obviously high quality of the series and 2 of the side games being favorites of mine, it's one of those series I just never got into. Maybe I should.

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This is some epic news for sure.

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It actually looks really good. Not getting it, but I can't wait to see the WiiU version.

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Sounds like you can play with a few friends or play single-player offline, from the IGN article. The video seems to support that. Doesn't sound like an MMORPG to me, thankfully. Looks pretty, though I find that the pseudo-action-RPG games like this look silly in motion.

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If this stays true to normal DQ titles with a solid story that flows with good lands and play about I'll be happy, but if this strays far enough into the realm of MMO where it's more about being with online and the story kind of taking a back seat it's off my buy list. I'm not writing it on or off yet, I need to know more about the core game mechanics. I know there is an on and offline mode, but if the offline mode comes as a secondary style setup that will be bad.

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The battle system.. You know, I like how the older DQ games played considering Earthbound is so similar and it's really the close thing I can get to an EB-like experience in terms of the battle system.

I'm open for new things, so this new battle system I'll have to get used to and surely I'll be enjoying it. But DQX is coming out pretty fast. Usually, it's a longer process to get a new DQ game.

I'm also pleased WiiU will be getting it so I might hold off for that version instead. I somehow expected 3DS connection in terms of streetpass and this happens.

I just kinda wished a mini downloadable DQ game was on eShop and connects to the WiiU or something.

This is just fine.



komicturtle92 wrote:

But DQX is coming out pretty fast. Usually, it's a longer process to get a new DQ game.

It was announced, what, 3 years ago? Thats a while back.


Anyway, I REALLY hope it's not an MMORPG. I just want a good old JRPG with a story and just the abillity to play and level with others. I don't want to pay a monthly fee to play online. I hope they mean that the so called fee is for the "Post-release" material DLC (call it wha you will). Otherwise I'd play it offline. Still pumped as ever for this game! Return to DQVIII graphics(On wii)!

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I dunno. If it's free to play, I'll get it for sure. but I still don't know about this game yet. Moar details plz!


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WaltzElf wrote:

It's not an MMO, from the Japanese release I saw.

The 3DS StreetPass feature will be plenty enough to get me out and about again.

All up, by far the best remaining Wii game to come (that and Fortune Street, thank you, Square Enix)

Nintendo's Publising it tho, XP



I'll copy and paste what I posted in another forum:

The more I hear about this game, the more I want to stay away from it. I don't know why I get every Dragon Quest game anyways, I guess I want to at least give them a chance before I blow them off, but this one's pretty much confirmed to be, er, "not to my tastes". An online focused RPG with DQ combat? No thanks.

they are also making one for WiiU

This better not mean the Wii-U gets tons of "enhanced ports" like the 3DS is getting. I was hoping to actually get a WiiU if the price is right, but I might just end up skipping it.

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Any word on the release date? I'm guessing not until mid/late 2012, maybe a possible Wii U launch title. But have they confirmed anything yet?


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