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Since I have to be at school in 15 minutes, I just wanted to give my first impression on Mario Kart Super Circuit.

IT IS INCREDIBLE!! There is almost no point for that DSiWare racing game I got anymore...
What do you think? I cannot wait until they update it so that there can actually be multiplayer.

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It has always been one of my favorite Mario kart games so I am thrilled to have on my 3DS. The visuals look pretty good as well on the 3DS Screen but using the circle pad on tight track's is impossible as I keep falling falling into the lava in Bowsers castle until I used the D-pad and haven't falling in since. I have already unlocked all the extra tracks in 150 CC. I hated Lakeside Park in while doing it in 150 CC, the CPU's keep pushing towards the bumpers making me jump to the other side which usually was track we had passed a while ago. I also didn't see the blue shell much either, I only saw it in one race in 100 CC and twice in the same race on 150 CC. Anyway I always loved how it played a lot like Super Mario Kart and also looked Super Mario Kart. I feel this is the second best Handheld Mario Kart (Behind Mario Kart 7)
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Yes, this is game is epic. It has some some pretty good tracks and 40 tracks instead of 32!

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This one always felt more like a true sequel to Super Mario Kart than the other Mario Kart games. I use to play this game all the time on my first GBASP until that GBASP was stolen along with MKSC. Never did get a chance to rebuy it. If and when Nintendo does make this game available to all 3DS owners I will download this one for sure.

What I really liked about it was that it contained every course from Super Mario Kart instead of just a few like the other Mario Kart games.

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i dont really like it. raced th first GP in 50cc and came in 3rd.
it is so slippery !
and due to the graphics limitations it is hard to judge the curves.

am i doing something wrong or why cant i get boosts with drifting?
how do i throw shells backwards?

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-You can't mini-boost in this game. It is based on the SNES game, not MK64, despite the visuals being a mix of the two.-

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Viewtiful_Joe wrote:

Why wasn't Cheep-Cheep Island in MKW or MK7?

That is the coolest level in SC by FAR.

I can't really appreciate this one. I'm liking it more than MKDS but still. At least the tracks in MKDS were above mediocre (for the most). Cheep-Cheep Beach, Lakeside Park, Broken Pier and rainbow Road should have been reused by now. MKWii's GBA tracks were awful picks... Same for MKDS's.

For the most part, I'm glad we got this.

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@kyuubikid213 I thought Nintendo was only going to update the NES Games. :?

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Played through 50cc mushroom cup today. I love it! It's like super Mario kart (my favorite one) but on the go and with more courses.

can't wait to dive into some more of it later today

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Not a fan of MK SC, cornering is REALLY slippery, you can't judge the corners very well and holes/hazards blend in well with the rest of the scenery...

It's the exact same with F-Zero... I'll probably get used to them eventually, but at the moment, it is pretty annoying!

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Ignore my previous post. You actually can get a boost from a very long drift, I think. Twice now I've gotten a boost this way. It happens after a second's pause when the slide is done. I'm not exactly sure how it works.

To those complaining of slipperiness, first of all, it is basically like Super Mario Kart, so this game isn't a black sheep in that regard, it is only following precedent. Also, pick a heavy character like Bowser if you want it to handle closer to other games. You still need to hop early for your slides, but it is not as bad, I find.

I used to love this game, but after getting used to the modern handling style, it is very difficult to come back to this. Can't say it's worse, but my mind refuses to revert to the old style and I can't play it well.

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@Adam Yeah I'm suffering from that, I found MK64's fairly slippery, but MKWii's was so easy and it glided around corners with little effort... but getting back to slipperiness doesn't work with my brain, it just doesn't feel right at all. I'm guessing Nintendo changed the drift mechanic so, in a way, it guides you around the corners, whereas with this you have to do it all yourself.

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The newer games definitely make you more lazy with taking corners, especially now that the mini-boost charges automatically in Wii / 7.

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It is actually quite charming. I love it.

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MK super circuit was one of my first GBA games and I loved it!
It was like an expanded version of Super Mario Kart. Plus it has a mixture of tracks from every Mario kart up to that point. I also was glad they got rid of the split screen. On Snes you were forced to play it with a split screen even on single player.
That made the screen way too small on a little TV.

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MK7 was my first ever Mario Kart experience, perhaps that's why I didn't enjoy this one half as much, visuals were not clear and controls a bit heavy .. will give it a go later when I get bored with everything MK7 has to offer!

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It was my first gameboy advance game and I held off on it to second last. Most of my memories came right back I've got to nostalgia land. Never notice I missed it and I just notice it's my favourite of all of them.

For any new players, I've remembered some of my old tricks that shall help,
-Red Shells are traps, if you lay them behind you they will attack the next person to go past them, great for first place.
-stars will let you clear through things, such as trees and rocks.
-100 coins total on a cup shall unlock super nes courses
-drifting won't do much more then make your turns sharper
-bounce over puddles if you can't avoid them
-I never got the timing but hit the breaks right after you hit a banana peel, to prevent spinning out (not sure if you need to give up on the gas)

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Great game. Really . Forgot how sharp Yoshi turns though. didn't need to drift. ha.
I like the fact that you aren't getting nailed with a first finder every time you touch first place too, unlike some of the newer games (though they are great too...just a little unfair)

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Oh, I have wonderful memories of playing this on my GBA. I used to play this game day and night, also multiplayer with the link-cable. It is a wonderful title, yet it does seem a bit outdated today with the recent release of MK7. Still, I'm happy to have this title once again.



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