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So far Mario Kart 7.
Favourite eshop game at the moment is Pullblox.



there are a lot of games I personally like on 3DS. So here they are in no particular order.

1. Resident Evil Revelations- Awesome graphics and a very intense story. This game is more in line with the older Resident Evils and closely related to the way Resident Evil 4 was done.
2. Ridge Racer- A great arcade style racer. I absolutely love this game. It has an awesome soundtrack, amazing 3D graphics and gets super hard towards the end. Only gripe is that there was no online
3. Mario Kart 7- What can I say, its fricking Mario Kart, a fun racer with great online and one of the best in the series.
4. Pilotwings Resort- I have always loved this series and the first outing in nearly 15 years is a fun and relaxing game with gorgeous scenes all over the island. It's a very underated game in my eyes.
5. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance- I had never played any game in this series until this one came out and I was very impressed. The graphics and music were superb and the game was a dream to play. It might be a hack n slash, but its still a great rpg.
6. New Super Mario Bros 2- I love Mario, but I had doubts on this game from the get go since Super Mario 3D Land had launched not even a year from its release. But after playing it I was hooked. The coin collecting really added a new twist to Mario and made the game super fun and enjoyable. I have more hours clocked in on this game than just about any MArio game I've ever played.
7. Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask- This was my first time playing a game in this series, and I fell for it immediately. Not much to playing except for the occasional puzzles(which are great), but the game has tons of story and creates an experience like none other. It's kinda like watching a mystery movie in which you can interact with.
8. Code Of Princess- This game is way better than I expected. Great story and I love the whole 2D beat em up/rpg blending of genres that are experienced with this title.
9. OTHER GREAT TITLES- Tekken3D, Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D, Kid Icarus Uprising, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Super Mario 3D Land, Zelda OOT, Starfox 643D, Metal Gear Solid 3D, Pokemon Rumble Blast

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Some of my fav franchises- F-zero Mario Kart Monster Hunter, Pokemon Waverace 1080 Extreme-G Metroid Resident Evil

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It's probably a coin flip between Super Mario 3D Land and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

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My top 10:

1. Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
2. Kid Icarus: Uprising
3. Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]
4. New Art Academy
5. Super Mario 3D Land
6. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries
7. Starfox 64 3D
8. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
9. Dead or Alive Dimensions
10. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean



Super Mario 3D Land, NSMB2, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.



Mario Kart 7

WWE All Stars

Rayman Origins

Lego Lord of the Rings

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Single player: OOT
Multiplayer: Star Fox



Favorite 3ds games at the moment still are...

  • Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
  • Kid Icarus Uprising
  • Mario Kart 7
  • Star Fox 64 3D
  • Fractured Soul (eshop)

...roughly in that order.

Fire emblem awakening will most likely be my new favorite when that arrives.

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3DS online games: Kid Icarus Uprising, Tetris Axis

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My favourites:
1. Super Mario 3D Land
2. Kid Icarus Uprising
3. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
4. Metal Gear Solid 3
5. PullBlox
6. Rhythm Thief
7. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
8. Dead of Alive Dimensions
9. Resident Evil Revelations
10. Tales of The Abyss



Resident Evil: Revelations by far in my book.

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Knuckles wrote:

Kid Icarus Uprising
This will remain my favorite game until possibly SSB43D comes out, or a unbelievably great Sonic game like Colors Wii or Generations PS360

I agree 100% with at least the first part of this. AS SOON AS SSB4 comes out for the 3DS I'm going to buy it. I might even convince my parents to let me go to a Best Buy or GameStop at midnight. In the meatime, KIU is my favorite game.

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  1. Mario Kart 7
  2. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  3. New Super Mario Bros 2
  4. Star fox 64 3D
  5. Resident Evil: Mercenaries
  6. Super Mario Land 3D
  7. KI:U
  8. Sonic Generations
  9. Sims 3
    10. Star Wars Lego III
    11. Driver Renegade
    12. Marvel pinball
    13. Liberation Maiden
    14.Heroes of Ruin
    15. Resident Evil: Revelations

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I dont have many so:
1.The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time(never played a zelda game so i am very excited about this i will start it soon)
2.Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition(i am trying to collect all the figures,finish the arcade and coollect many battle points on online)
3.Pokemon Black 2(i know its not a 3ds game but i love pokemon so...)

Paper Mario Sticker Star
Super Mario 3D Land
i'm so excited!!!!

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Well excludeing VC games and eShop games I would have to say that my top games are

1. New Super Mario Bros 2
2. Resident Evil Revelations
3. Mario Kart 7
4. Super Mario 3D Land

I know it seems weird that NSMB2 would be number one but I never played the NSMB on DS and didnt really care for NSMBW but I just loved NSMB2 maybe it is the return of the raccoon tail or maybe the coin goal but by far NSMB2 is my favorite untill I get Epic Mickey 2.

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Mario kart 7 was my Favorite so far! ^-^ I hope Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Will be the BEST 3DS game!

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Mario Kart 7 by far is my all time favorite Mario Kart and 3ds game, with over 100 hours of mine clocked into it.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D is my favorite game of all time, but it isnt my favorite 3ds game, I liked it for its easyness and storyline. The game was beautiful but once I beat it, it just was hard for me to try another playthrough.

Kid Icarus Uprising: Sorry, I really liked you, but Legend of Zelda was just more solid and not as awkward control wise. The story was funny as the characters were aware that they were in a video game.

Resident Evil Revelations was really really good looking... but short---compared to RE4. I have to say best looking 3DS game yet, why dont other development studios try this!!! When are they going to port RE4?

Need for Speed the Run was fun, for it's short story and lame point to point mechanic. It was really repetitive. I loved the driving game engine though, look really good. So when is EA gonna port Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (ps2 version) or NFS U2 to 3ds? It would work!!!

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super mario 3d land was great definitely the best so far



of course Star Fox 64! That goes for my favorite N64 game as well, with Ocarina of time treading closely behind it.

@Kromcompany I like what you had to say about your favorite 3ds games and stuff. I added you on MK7 friends list! Let's play together sometime.

PS: I don't get into rpg's too much but one of my top favorites is Super mario rpg for snes. What an incredible game that was!

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Well being a huge 3DS fan has it's highs and one of them is naming my favourite games.
Here are my favourite 3DS titles so far:
1. Tales of the Abyss
2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
3. Mario Kart 7
4. Super Mario 3D Land
5. Kid Icarus Uprising
6. New Super Mario Bros.2
7. Resident Evil Revelations
8. Heroes of Ruin
9 Rayman 3D
These aren't all the 3DS games I own, but as you can gather they're my favourite out of all of them. I'm still wanting to get Kingdom Hearts: DDD and maybe Metal Gear Solid 3(D) :Snake Eater, but we'll have to see.

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