Topic: What are you buying? the N3DS (regular size) or N3DSXL?

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Personally, I just may have to go with the smaller N3DS, reason being, does that white model with the Super Famicom colored button scheme look beautiful!

I kinda like the 3DS XL's larger screen, but the smaller variant on the regular 3DS does make the low resolution less noticeable.

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Although i really dig those faceplates i will probably buy the XL. But this time I'll try to wait until they release a fetching limited edition

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I prefer the look of the regular model but it might be hard to go back to smaller screens after enjoying my XL so much. I'm hoping I can try both at a gaming store to help make up my mind.


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I love my 3DS XL. So the New 3DS XL is a nobrainer for me.



If I ever get one of those new ones, I would probably go for an XL.

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"New 3DS". I love my current one to death.

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Regular white. IMO it looks 10x better, and I love the SNES colored buttons.

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The_Ninja wrote:

Regular white. IMO it looks 10x better, and I love the SNES colored buttons.

I agree, it just may be the coolest looking portable I have ever seen, just screams retro and modern at the same time, super clean and slick.



I honestly don't know cause i want the bigger 3ds for the larger screen and so i can put it next to my pikachu XL but i want the smaller one cause its cheaper and i want the buttons

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Metallic Blue New 3DS XL for me. I was going to wait three to four years before buying Nintendo's next-gen handheld anyway, so this is perfect for me.



Not sure. I want an XL for it's bigger screens and because I've never had an XL before, although I want a regular one because it'll be cheaper, more portable and it'll have the customisation options... Argh!

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It's worth mentioning that the smaller one also has bigger screens compared to the original and 2ds models.

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Will get two XLs ^^

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I want to get the New 3DS regular sized. I would get the XL, but the customization is too good. The problem is deciding between white and black. The white color fits in the SNES colored buttons, but the black color will look cooler with some of the templates such as that "wooden" one.

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Getting the regular size as I have an XL now. Probably Reggie is gonna screw us over with some crappy blue/red only color option at launch again. Seriously Reggie, give us a plain all white!



Since these are meant to be personalized, I wouldn't be surprised if all black and all white were the only two options for that console.

Now, what we may never get is most of the decorative plates. Remember the Micro?

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I'll probably go with the smaller one because I love the colored buttons & the face plates. I'm not sure what color would win out but ultimately it'll come down to what they cost. Might go up to the XL if the price difference is negligible.

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Same regular new 3DS. I really really want to be able to customize my 3DS the way I want. Probably still keep my red Pokemon XL anyways. It's too precious to me.

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