Topic: How does the 3DS meet your expectations?

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We are all fully aware of what the 3DS can do, but does it seem to be as good as you expected?
Many of you on NL are looking straight forward to the release of the Nintendo 3DS, some of you are not.
For those of you who plan to buy it day-one, it may seem like a dream machine. For those of you who do not plan to buy it(ever), it may seem like...Meh... So, how does it meet, or not meet, your standards for what it should be?

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I'll tell you in March.



Good point, I should have worded the topic more clearly.

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I'm not really counting down the days or anything like that, but it will be fun. Now that it does everything my DSi can do, I'll probably stash that away somewhere. I hope the 3DS lasts a while though(5 years perhaps?), and Ninty doesn't decide they want to make a lite or 3DSi version...

Anyway, the hardware itself seems good enough. I can't wait to see what software Nintendo brings us in the future!

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It's not going to live up to the immense hype but it still is going to be a good machine. Unless the battery life sucks.

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That is the one thing I am still skeptical about.
I am expecting the battery life to be terrible considering 1. When asked about it, Reggie replied with the question "What Nintendo handheld doesn't have good battery life?", 2. With all of the special features, the battery life is going to vanish like pizza at a weight watcher's convention. quote by Jeff Foxworthy,
and 3. Of all the information released, Nintendo still hasn't mentioned the battery life.(The question asked by Reggie doesn't count.)

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Its certainty all I expected the next Nintendo handheld to be and 3D is something that I appreciate. Same with the motion controls (which people seem to have forgotten) which the iPhone has proven works with handheld gaming. Most of the time. I'm disappointed with the amount of internal storage it has if IGN is right about that. I was expecting ~8GB when they said they were doing movies. I guess the movies will be streamed and we won't get any reasonable format support. That sucks

As a gaming machine the only part of me that will be disappointed is my wallet as far as I can tell.

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Personally, the machine falls far below my expectations for one reason; there's no Geddy Lee.

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Honestly i wish nintendo would have had a more apple like event where they show a live demo of the OS and show what it could do. Right now my only minor gripe is the lack of optional 3G support (but price is high enough as it is)


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It has gloriously surpassed my expectations because of DSiWare transfer and a Virtual Handheld. I will be getting this machine now.

The other online features seem promising as well, though I don't expect they'll be doing that much with Spotpass (they don't do much with WiiConnect24 except with Mario Kart), it is a nice feature. Streetpass on the other hand, while fun, I'm not too excited about, because most of my friends don't have DS's. The possibility of "bumping" to exchange profiles with friends makes me hope for a welcome streamlining of the entire online experience. I'm excited to see the new shop design too.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of specifics we don't know regarding the online features. I'm excited about 3D, to be sure, but I'm not sure if it will be worth the sacrifice in screen resolution. The new iPhone/iTouch screens are just so...pixelless appearing and sexy (no offense Pixelman, pixels are great too, I love me some retro styling). The graphics seem impressive, but even in 2D the resolution isn't that high, so I remain skeptical.

I'm not too worried about battery life, Ninty's always been pretty good about that. And, as always, I'm looking forward to the awesome Nintendo games that are sure to grace the device.

There's only one major problem - price! Even $250 I think is a little much. I doubt there'll be a price drop, but I'll probably get one after about a year (unless 3DS Lite news is starting to leak), when there's no more stock shortages and the library's developed a bit more.

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I'll Tell you when I can grasp The 3DS in my hands.

The only people here in NL that have got there hands on the 3DS is Cobie and James

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If its half as good as it sounds it'll still be awesome.I can't wait to get my paws on one of these beauties I was sold at 3D Ocarina!

What's this bit for again?


This pic should explain all:


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lz2010 wrote:

This pic should explain all:


I demand that someone make a similar picture consisting entirely of Megaman Legend characters.

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Pretty much what lz posted, haha. It has basically every single damn thing I was hoping for. <3

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The pic of Link in the thing lz posted is beyond creepy, but yes, on the whole that pic says it all.

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Im still skeptical at the "StreetPass" idea. I wouldnt want it to be the target feature on the 3DS (aside 3D) because of the fact that it is highly improbable that you will be walking around with people around you carrying 3DS's.

That being said, if the games are as good as they look, its still something I look forward to.

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Mickeymac wrote:

It's better than I expected. Even the tech, since I wasn't one of those people expecting it to be more powerful than the Gamecube, which it clearly isn't.

In some ways it isn't, but in other ways it's much more powerful than any system that isn't the PS3/360.

That lighting isn't possible on the other non-HD systems and the texture resolution and amount of polygons are comparable to last gen systems. Metal Gear Solid 3 also looks better than the original PS2 version, especially in the regards to the character models which Kojima said are closer to MGS4 character models.
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skywake wrote:

As a gaming machine the only part of me that will be disappointed is my wallet as far as I can tell.

Ouch, putting our wallets through that torture is going to be pure cruelty, but I think they will understand. (~heh)
As for what I said about battery life earlier, you will undoubtedly be able to turn off spot-pass and other power-sucking featchures, so I guess I was a bit wrong, again.

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