Topic: How clean do you keep your 3DS?

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I keep mine very clean. I never use it when eating, drinking etc, even if just sitting at home. One time my sister used it, bit open the stylus, I spent half an hour getting scratch marks less noticable.

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Clean as possible but the dpad and face buttons creak when I clean them ¬.¬
Not a single scratch on it (That I can see), i've still waiting for a protective case to come back in stock.



Since I had to purchase it at full price (couldn't find my DS Lite to trade-in in time DX) I make sure it's spotless after every use. I got the Zelda edition and before I started seriously playing it, I got a clear case, full screen protectors and a carrier so it's always protected. I remove the case every now and then to remove the dust that gathers underneath it.



WolfRamHeart wrote:

I keep mine exceptionally clean but I still get the occasional circle pad ring and line marks on my top screen. That can be annoying but I just use a soft cloth to wipe it clean. Oh and I always wash my hands before using my system.

you wash your hands before using your 3DS? well I thought I was the only one with issues

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I try so hard to keep it clean but the top screen always ends up with smudges. It's a losing battle


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I got a screen protector so that keeps the top (expect for the speakers and camera) and bottom clean then i use the cloth that came with the protector to clean the rest of the 3ds

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extraordinarily so. it takes a bit of work as the smudges on the black around the upper screen bother me a lot. i detest screen protectors so am just very careful with them.

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I think I'm OCD or something, 'cause I'm obsessed with keeping it clean. I keep the top screen, bottom screen, & the outside clean. I just hate that dang circle pad!!! If I had known that the system would scratch itself, I would have kept that little soft paper in it that came with it. My friend, on the other hand, has huge dents on the top. I asked how he got them, and he said "his brother dropped it out the window." LIES!

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I don't really have any screen protectors, but I try to keep everything nice and shiny. I'll wipe off my screens with a cloth now and then if they seem to bother me.

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Viewtiful_Joe wrote:

GundamMac wrote:

Very clean. Since I don't use it, it doesn't get dirty.

Pretty much this. Sadly.

That basically ^
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I keep mine as clean as posible so i can see that amazing aqua blue casing. But the best thing to keep it clean is to go on ebay or amazon or posibily a local store get a nintendo 3ds clear case witch is amazin you can still see the 3ds original casing but also have it protected.



I try to wipe it off regularly, but since I have it in my pocket all the time for Street Passes and playing the top is pretty scratched up and even a piece has chiped off of the coating on the top left corner. I've grown to acept it all because I would rather love it to death and get a lot of use out of it then to have it sealed away on a shelf.

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I polish it regularly too. It has a chip, almost invisible. A couple scratches, but pretty good. A circle mark (Speaking of which, what would happen w/ a Circle Pad Pro built in the 3DS? Not good.), which I can live with.


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Nibelilt wrote:

I keep mine very clean. I never use it when eating, drinking etc, even if just sitting at home. One time my sister used it, bit open the stylus, I spent half an hour getting scratch marks less noticable.

My bro drank blue Gatorade by his DSi. Oh, you know where this will go. He spilled it all over the left side of it when it was on, and miraculously, it survived. We kept it secret, because Dad would kill him. When we passed by, my Dad asked if my Bro had blue Gatorade. That's because you could SMELL it. It smelled like that for a week. From that day on, you could swear the left half of it was a darker shade of blue too. Don't drink by your DS. Learn from this lesson.


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Very clean. Wich is pretty hard since the shiny black surface is both a blessing and a curse: It looks awesome, but you see every fingerprint and other filth. On my silver DS you saw a lot less!



Mine is always covered in fingerprints.

Go Nintendo!


Thank you! Someone like me who doesn't clean it everyday!

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