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Hello everyone, I've really been enjoying the New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Mario Tennis streetpass features. What other games use streetpass well? Also, how exactly does the Mario Kart 7 streetpass work? Is it a race against players ghost data or just a race including their mii character?

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Super Mario 3D Land used it very well, IMO. StreetPassers unlock special (easy) blitz stages in which you get one timed chance to win a special item, i.e., fire flower, etc. MK7 gives you ghost data of the person you StreePass, and that person will occasionally show up in single-player races.

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Kid Icarussu - least favorite



Shinobi because you would get a new challenge level when you streetpassed someone. (Too bad no one I ever streetpassed had it )

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Fire emblem awakening, it added a lot to the game in my opinion, now I can grind like crazy to make the most over powered streetpass team I can its adding countless hours to the game. (yeah, I'm just weird like that)

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I really like Style Savvy's Streetpass - the person you pass comes to your shop as a customer, and you get to design/sell them an outfit that gets uploaded so they can download it next time they go online! And while it doesn't do much besides give you a song set to play through, I have a lot of fun with Theatrhythm Streetpasses - people's profile cards are always really unique!

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brain age concentration training - it shares ALL your high scores in every game modes



Sims 3: All who streetpass stay as neighbors. However, with a great amount of neighbors already, it takes out half the greatness in the feature. Freakyformes has the same idea, and they integrated it better, but technically Sims 3 did it first.

New Super Mario Bros. 2: Beating people in Coin Rushes has a very sweet taste to it. I've also made very sure no one will beat the record I tried so hard into getting perfected. No one is going to get a simple 1000 from me.

Need for Speed The Run: Autolog works well. I had fun with it. Too bad its not a very popular game.

Aero Porter: You trade planes with your friends, for extra help in your airport. But I like the idea of customizing my planes. I've even made one specially for Year of Luigi.

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Sonic generations 3ds: You get to unlock a mission from that person who has already unlocked that mission and get to see their favorite sonic game, when they first played a sonic game, favorite character, etc.

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zipmon wrote:

I really like Style Savvy's Streetpass - the person you pass comes to your shop as a customer, and you get to design/sell them an outfit that gets uploaded so they can download it next time they go online!

I really enjoy that feature, but none of the people who I street pass with SS:T never send me an outfit back x3.

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I really like the Streetpass feature of DoA. Getting a NPC to fight you that is based on the style of the other player is rather cool.

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Kid Icarus: Uprising's weapon gem system was nice, and the ability to trade Formees in Freakyforms was cool, but I'm not sure I'd recommend the game.

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I like the streetpass feature on street fiighter 4.
You can collect figurines and set them up to fight other teams via streetpass. If your luck enough to get some strong figures and set them up well, you can win the majority of your matches.

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I second Brain Age and Freakyforms for best use of streetpass.

I had so much fun seeing if I beat other people in Brain Age. I put a lot of time in it, so I won most of the matches. The greatest joy was beating someone who had dozens of wins before meeting me Very quick, simple and rewarding system. Afterwards, you keep seeing the scores of people who passed you and it represents another challenge. Freakyforms is great for seeing these new forms asking if they can join you. Really cool.

On a recent trip I canceled both Super Mario 3D Land and RR Revelations. For some reason, I thought Castelvania and Luigi's Mansion will have them, I got a lot of hits with NSMB2 where I am not good enough... and with Mario Tennis which I need to get into. Also had some battles in Dead or Alive. Also a lot of Fire Emblem and thankfully one or two for Heroes of Ruin, a game I really like, but I don't know what it even does at this point. Kid Icarus - I just don't understand all these gems and what they do but at least it's easy collecting them with just clicking on that button quickly.

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Ark_Sin wrote:

Fire Emblem: Awakening

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Save Mii II.

I think they should release a Save Mii III as a full fledge eShop game for less than 10 euros/pounds/dollars/whatever to close the trilogy. The owner's Mii would be the hero venturing on a quest to save and regain their own kingdom this time. The game would have a refined storyline, different outcomes, different paths... It would actually be designed by Intelligent Systems as some kind of Advance Wars/Fire Emblem.
It would really be a full-fledge eShop StreetPass game that would make gamers feel like Save Mii had reach its utmost potential.


Fire Emblem for sure!



@dizzy_boy - Hate to burst your bubble but it is random, trophies win based on luck not the set up. I tagged one person lots of times and it always would pick different trophies as winners randomly, we never had to change our trophies to get different out comes.

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