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@dizzy_boy - Hate to burst your bubble but it is random, trophies win based on luck not the set up. I tagged one person lots of times and it always would pick different trophies as winners randomly, we never had to change our trophies to get different out comes.

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Tricoloryoshi wrote:

Fire emblem awakening, it added a lot to the game in my opinion, now I can grind like crazy to make the most over powered streetpass team I can its adding countless hours to the game. (yeah, I'm just weird like that)

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@DePapier - I like the idea! I've passed Mii II a few times already so a new version would be a welcome addition. The puzzle pieces are my favorite part of Mii Plaza though.

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I would say that nsmb2 uses street pass pretty awesomely because you can challenge other peoples records for coin rush.
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