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Sun 4th Nov 2012

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Spanish_Bread commented on Review: Yumi's Odd Odyssey (3DS eShop):

this is the same case with fractured soul, it is supposed to be released as a retail packaged game but ended up as a download-only title... however, their price is only $12...

i buy my games with physical boxes, for me, buying a $40 game in digital is ridiculous especially on how nintendo set up the users account tied on the system... i would actually buy this for $30 if it has a box... but for a download-only title? i won't, i would probably wait for a sale.



Spanish_Bread commented on Review: 3D Space Harrier (3DS eShop):

Hello Damien McFerran, i just wanted to ask if there's an option for gyro controls in this game? I read a review from other website, his username is blaze627 and let me quote him

"The most notable addition, however, is the option to enable a control mode that uses the 3DS' gyroscope to simulate the moving arcade cabinet that the original game employed in it's initial arcade release."

What can you say about that?, I thought only the 3D super hang on has the gyro feature... I'm actually thinking of buying one of the 2 classic SEGA 3D titles... but since super hang on has the gyro feature, i got curious about it and just waiting for reviews for that game before I actually buy it... and then i just saw this review of blaze627 on 3D space harrier, so if there's really a gyro feature on 3d space harrier, i might buy it now and and just buy the other next time...



Spanish_Bread commented on Nintendo Download: 11th July (North America):

Hi, nintendolife, I just want to ask when will the review for "Deer Hunting King" (3ds game) will be available? I'm pretty sure it was stated in last week's article that review is coming soon for that game. Sorry i'm just desperate to see some insight for this game (but of course I don't want to risk to buy it without even watching any trailer) because even gameplay video doesn't seem to exist in the internet... Thanks!

on topic:
nothing for me this week, i wish SMB2 will be available via club nintendo XD



Spanish_Bread commented on Fractured Soul Demo Blasting Onto North Americ...:

@3Dash: the gameplay makes use of looking between the top screen and bottom screen, i thought switching from 3d(top) to 2d(bottom) is pretty hard for eyes to adjust focus.

@Shworange: i totally agree to your last sentence cheers mate!

@Marioman64: i've seen chronos twins in youtube, it seems that their difference is you can only focus in 1 character (1 screen at a time) in fractured soul unlike chronos twins which are actually twins that you need to focus on both screens as they are alive simultaneously.

The game is great if you love old-school platforming games like rockman series... just finishing the game is already a challenge, ACEing per stage is additional challenge...but racing against the online leaderboards is the ultimate challenge... so it is "Pretty Challenging"... if you are a person that is always "Up for the challenge" buy this game