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  • Soapbox Zelda Should Be Given The Paper Mario Treatment

    Paper Zelda: The Thousand-Year Door (of Time)

    Nintendo struck gold when they made the first Paper Mario. They figured out how to take a beloved series like Super Mario, put a slight twist on it, and create something entirely new that doesn't feel stale, doesn't feel like a flimsy spin-off, and best of all, is better than most Super Mario games...

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  • Random This Mash-Up Of Pokémon And Zelda Is Mindblowingly Detailed

    Link used Master Sword! It's super effective!

    You may already know by now that I love deep dives, especially into the Zelda and Pokémon series — I've probably written thousands of words doing trailer breakdowns and lore explanations across the games over the past couple of years here on Nintendo Life. So imagine how I feel discovering that th

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  • Feature The 15 Best Zelda Bosses, Ranked

    Mmm, Ganon

    We must admit: Zelda rankings tend to look a little samey, perhaps with a few spicy changes based on the person. But you'll never find Breath of the Wild at the bottom, or Tri Force Heroes at the top, even if the person making that list is the world's most contrary list-maker. So, we've been mixing things up by celebrating the individual...