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  • News The Sonic Lost World PC Mod Has Now Recreated The Legend Of Zelda DLC

    Reaching for the sky

    Sonic Lost World was a rather interesting entry in the series, and pretty decent in this scribe's humble opinion. It was exclusive to Wii U (with a 3DS version also released) until a little heralded PC port arrived, and of course that opened up the potential for mods; just last year we saw a fan recreation of the Yoshi DLC from...

  • Video Which Legend Of Zelda Remaster Is Best?

    There's a tier list and everything

    Though Nintendo hasn't gone as big on remasters as some other platform holders and publishers, and in the Switch era has often opted for straight up ports on multiple occasions, The Legend of Zelda franchise has nevertheless had its fair share of improved entries. These have mainly come in the past couple of...

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