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  • News You Can Get Lost In This Hand-Drawn Zelda Map From 1986

    "Never-seen-in-full-online before"

    When the original Zelda launched in 1986, it captivated players with its massive, sprawling map and an incredible level of detail. While subsequent Zelda games have improved on this foundation dramatically, it's still easy to appreciate the level of complexity present in the NES original – and nothing captures...

  • Video Zelda: Ocarina Of Time PC Mod Adds Bombs, Bombs, And More Bombs


    Just recently, we reported on some of the crazy things that modders are already doing in the Zelda: Ocarina of Time PC port. We've seen the likes of multiplying character models appearing in game, the ability to fight Shadow Link while fending off Ganondorf, and even the ability to spawn the chains that hold up Hyrule Town's gate at will -...

  • Random This Fan-Made Link From Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 Is Too Hunky For Words

    Hunky dory

    If you're old like us, then you'll no doubt recall a time when video game magazines printed reader artwork, and it was usually – how do we put this? – pretty bad. Those days are long behind us, because in 2022 video game fan art can often be as good – if not better – than its inspiration. Take Dan Eder's utterly gorgeous 3D...

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  • Gallery The Zelda II Instruction Manual Inspired Tunic In So Many Ways

    A truly stunning homage

    If you haven't tried the wonderful Zelda-like adventure game Tunic yet, we highly recommend giving it a shot if you've got access to a decent PC or an Xbox. Our friends over at PureXbox reviewed it and gave it a 9/10, calling it a "fantastically clever adventure that kicks off in familiar Zelda-esque fashion before branching...

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