Legend of Zelda - Timeline

Tuesday23rd Jan 2024

  • News ZREO Is Revisiting Zelda: Twilight Symphony With An 80-Piece Orchestra

    Starting with 'Midna'

    ZREO: Second Quest, the group behind the sublime Legend of Zelda-inspired Twilight Symphony, is back with 'Scoring Sessions', a new series recorded with a live studio orchestra. Each entry to the series will bring with it a full-performance video and high-quality audio recordings, with ZREO kickstarting proceedings with a...

Monday22nd Jan 2024

Saturday20th Jan 2024

  • News LEGO Zelda 'Deku Tree' Set Rumours Resurface Online

    Tread carefully, Link

    Early last year, there was a rumour going around about LEGO working on a Legend of Zelda 'Deku Tree' set. Now, in an update, the well-known LEGO leaker and Instagram user '1414falconfan' is claiming the set will arrive this September and will contain 2,500 pieces. The rumour stems from a marketing survey about several future...

Wednesday17th Jan 2024

Wednesday10th Jan 2024

  • Random Wait, Is Ocarina Of Time 3D Old Now?

    "Like a river's flow, it never ends"

    Here's a little fact that made us choke on our Cornflakes this morning, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is old. Okay, maybe not old-old, but older than the original N64 release was back in 2011. Yes, the time between today (10th January 2024) and the release of OOT 3D (16th June 2011) is now one day...

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