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Saturday28th Aug 2021

  • Hands On The Anbernic R351V Offers A Real 'Game Boy' Vibe

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    Chinese firm Anbernic has done a fine job in cornering the market when it comes to high-quality emulation-based handhelds, and its most famous effort – the RG351 – is the weapon of choice for many portable retro game fans. Available in plastic and metal-case flavours, the RG351 is capable of playing 8 and 16-bit titles with...

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  • Guide Best Super Nintendo (SNES) Games

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    Remember, this list is dynamic and based on the User Ratings for each game submitted in the Nintendo Life games database. It is, therefore, subject to fluctuation, even now! If you haven't rated any of the games below, simply tap the star on the corresponding entry and rate the game out of 10 to exert your personal influence on the...

  • News How A Tragic Murder Inspired The Epic Retelling Of GBA Classic Golden Sun

    "I decided to honour his memory by keeping our promise alive"

    The Golden Sun series may have been dormant since the release of Dark Dawn on the Nintendo DS, but it's a franchise which nonetheless has a passionate fanbase – and one man's love of the original GBA game has resulted in a very special tribute. Bryson Elam – known online as Wing...

  • Anniversary The SNES Launched In North America 30 Years Ago

    Excuse us while we crumble to dust

    On this day 30 years ago, the Super Nintendo launched in North America. Does that make you feel old? Because we feel positively ancient. The release followed hot on the heels of the Japanese launch of the Super Famicom in November 1990, with American gamers getting a redesigned console which swapped the lush...

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  • Random Take A Look At The 'Ultimate Solar Powered Game Boy Pocket'

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    As you are no doubt aware, we enjoy quality retro mods here at Nintendo Life - we may love our decades-old gaming gadgets, but sometimes improved screens, batteries and inputs are very welcome indeed. We particularly like the example above, then, of the 'Ultimate Solar Powered Game Boy Pocket'. That video is a lengthy one that goes...

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