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Saturday29th Jan 2022

Friday28th Jan 2022

  • News N64 Classic 'Blast Corps' Finally Gets The Official Merch It Deserves

    Clear a path to the Fangamer store!

    Those of you old enough to recall the early days of the N64 may well remember Blast Corps, a unique action title by Rare that sees you clearing a path in front of a runaway nuclear missile carrier. It's one of the more unique offerings in the N64 library, but it's also a game that seems to have been cruelly...

  • Random An AI Broke Tetris On NES, And It’s Compelling Viewing


    There are a lot of talented programmers that devote their efforts to showcasing and taking retro games to new heights, and Tetris is about as iconic as it gets. In a video posted last Summer - that we cam across this week courtesy of Gizmodo - programmer Greg Cannon shared a playthrough of the NES version in which his AI plays so well,...

Thursday27th Jan 2022

  • Random Unearthed 1998 TV Report Blames Nintendo 64 For "Gaming Addiction"

    "I refer to him as a Nintendo junkie"

    Ever since video games became a thing, we've seen parents worry about their offspring becoming hopelessly addicted. However, in a world where screentime is possible literally anywhere in the world thanks to the rise of the smartphone, it seems quaint to recall that, way back in 1998, the media was losing its...

  • Random Now This Is What You Call A 'Super' Game Boy

    9 screens, and it's still blurry

    Back in the days before massive LCD displays, mankind had to settle with the idea of linking up banks of CRT TVs to create that 'big screen' vibe – and now, a hacker has achieved the same kind of effect using Game Boy displays. In his efforts to reverse engineer the Game Boy's crude greyscale LCD display, kgsws...

  • News This Cancelled N64 Title Is Giving Us Serious 'Akira' Vibes

    ...mixed with a dash of 'Tron' for good measure

    One of the great tragedies of all time is that Akira – one of the most influential anime and manga series – has never received a decent video game adaptation. Sure, people have tried, but the resultant efforts always seemed to fall short of the greatness of Katsuhiro Otomo's masterpiece. It turns...

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  • Random 'R64' Is The First Music Album On A Nintendo 64 Cart

    Remute returns with a new album

    German musician Remute is creating the first 'album on a cart' for the Nintendo 64, it has been revealed. Remute has previously released similar carts for the Genesis / Mega Drive, SNES, PC Engine and Game Boy, but states that 'R64' will be the most "diverse and playful album" so far. It will showcase 15 new songs,...

Thursday6th Jan 2022

Tuesday4th Jan 2022

  • News The Arcade1Up Mortal Kombat Cabinet Will Support Online Multiplayer

    Game Konnected

    The original Mortal Kombat and its successors will always have a key role in video game history, with the gore and violence of the arcade original famously being toned down in its Super Nintendo port. The early arcades and assorted ports are classics, and an upcoming Arcade1Up release looks like it'll be a fun way to play them (albeit...

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  • Feature The Man Making Brand New NES Games In 2021

    Alastair Low explains 8-bit love and how he's making games more dyslexia-friendly

    Alastair Low hadn’t even been born when the NES was originally released in the UK. But he spent much of his childhood joyously playing on Nintendo’s 8-bit wonder machine after picking one up for a pittance at a car boot sale in the mid-1990s. “I remember getting...