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Tuesday9th Feb 2021

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  • News Street Fighter II Turned 30 At The Weekend

    Go home and be a middle-aged family man

    Capcom's seminal Street Fighter II turned 30 last weekend – a fact that makes us feel very, very old indeed. Originally launched in arcades on February 6th, 1991, the game triggered a flood of imitators throughout the early part of the decade, and spawned several 'update' variants in the form of Street...

  • News Channel 4 Is Resurrecting GamesMaster, The UK's Most Popular Video Game TV Show

    And Star Trek's Patrick Stewart could be involved

    If you're from the UK and are over the age of 30, then chances are you'll vividly recall tuning in to Channel 4's GamesMaster TV show back in the '90s. A truly revolutionary piece of television programming, the show was based around a series of challenges where members of the public and celebrities...

Sunday7th Feb 2021

  • Poll Box Art Brawl: Duel #77 - Super Mario 64 DS

    Where's my DS wrist strap thumb nub thing?

    Welcome back to Box Art Brawl, our poll series to find out which of two or more regional retro box art variants is the most pleasing to our modern sensibilities. Last time we observed SNES brawler Final Fight 3 as it engaged in a fierce duel between East and West. It seems that ganging up was a smart plan...

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  • Video 5 Special Wii U Virtual Console Games Not on Switch

    These games went above and beyond simple preservation

    For years the Virtual Console allowed us to relive our fondest memories in gaming. Being able to download The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and play it in its original untouched state held a tremendous amount of value...but sometimes the service went above and beyond. Did you know Super Mario...

  • News DuckTales NES Prototype Unearthed, Features An Unused Song

    That's no moon (theme)...

    Capcom brought us a remastered edition of DuckTales several years back, but we still hold a lot of love for the original NES version. Offering us a unqiue platforming adventure, DuckTales was widely noted for its excellent soundtrack – the Moon Theme most prominently – though it only featured a dozen tracks. Within the...

  • News Remember The Brawler64 Controller? It's Now Available Without A Wire

    And in four colours

    When we reviewed the Retro Fighters Brawler64 controller for the N64 back in 2019, we came away suitably impressed. Described as a "next-generation" N64 pad replacement, it's comfortable to use and very responsive. While it has serious competition in the form of the Tribute64, it's still an excellent option for th

  • News Here's Why The Cover To F-Zero Is So Special

    Well, the Japanese one, at least

    F-Zero may not be on Nintendo's radar at present, but it's a series which is close to the heart of many a Nintendo fan – and part of its appeal is the colourful cast of comic book characters which have populated the franchise since it made its debut on the Super Famicom / SNES way back in November 1990. Takaya...

Monday1st Feb 2021

  • Feature Clammy Consoles, Humid Horrors, And Retro Regrets

    Don't try this at home

    A few years ago a clever, witty, and shockingly beautiful Nintendo Life writer had to spend a few boring days trawling numerous websites searching for a brand new and eye-wateringly expensive wafer-thin HDTV with which to replace their ageing and sadly then only semi-functional slightly less wafer-thin HDTV. This new triumph...

  • News Pixel FX's N64Digital Promises "Crystal-Clear HDMI Video" For Your Nintendo 64

    New device offers lag-free HDMI output up to 1080p

    Much as we love the Nintendo 64, it's a known issue that HD TVs don't always play nice with our favourite 24-year-old console. When plugged into newer units, the N64's composite and S-Video outputs look washed out, meaning you'll need an HDMI upscaler to make them playable. Pixel FX is the latest...

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  • Video 7 Legacy Sonic Games That Were Never Rereleased

    When you run fast sometimes you outrun a second chance

    There was a time where Sega made a significant effort to preserve their legacy titles which would allowed new fans to experience games even if they're predate by them. Fast forward to modern day and the company only seems interested in rereleasing Sonic 1 & 2 on every platform imaginable...