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  • News Street Fighter II On The NES Looks Better Than You Might Expect

    Say hello to the fan-made "Street Fighter 2 Deluxe"

    Street Fighter II was one of the games that really stoked the fires of the 16-bit console war, with the SNES version selling millions and making Genesis / Mega Drive owners green with envy – until, of course, they got their own version of Capcom's famous one-on-one brawler. Street Fighter II was...

  • News GB Corp. Will Make You A Big Shot If You Have Multiple Game Boys

    Speculate to accumulate, and all that

    It seems that the development scene around retro Nintendo hardware continues to draw a loyal group of enthusiasts, with the Game Boy in particular seeing a number of new and revamped games recently. An intriguing project that's come onto our radar is GB Corp., which has a rather fun mechanic for those that have...

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  • Guide Best Nintendo 64 Games

    The top 50 N64 games ever, as ranked by you

    As with all our Top 50 library lists, this ranking is is based on User Ratings in the Nintendo Life games database and is subject to fluctuation, even after publication. So, if you haven't rated your favourite N64 games, feel free to exert your influence and potentially switch up the order of the games...