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  • Feature Creating The Ultimate Game Boy

    The DMG-102 is the handheld of your dreams

    The humble Game Boy is probably older than many of the people reading these words right now, but it nonetheless remains an utterly iconic piece of consumer tech. Since the start of the Game Boy line way back in 1989, the range has undergone several revisions and has sold millions of units all over the...

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  • Video Obscure Mario Facts You Probably Didn't Know About

    No, really

    If you thought you already knew everything about Mario, perhaps you should watch the above video first. Did You Know Gaming has managed to compile 10 minutes of obscure Mario facts you probably had no idea about. For example, during the Super Famicom era, Nintendo experimented with digital magazine publishing. Despite being officially...

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  • Feature How One Magazine Told The World About Pokémon

    "This felt like real magic"

    Paul Davies is a game design consultant, editorial manager and writer who has been working in the UK games industry since the early '90s. During his career, he has edited best-selling publications such as Nintendo Magazine System and Computer & Video Games, and has contributed to countless other sites and magazines...

Monday5th Nov 2018