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  • Talking Point What Game Do You Replay Every Year?

    New year, old game

    We did it everyone! 2022 is finally behind us and 2023 stretches happily into the great beyond. This is to be a year full of promise, a year of hope, a year of enough Nintendo releases (with any luck) to squeeze out an almost literal cry from our bank accounts. But for the moment we're not thinking about the future, we're looking...

Friday30th Dec 2022

  • News Sega Producer Shows Interest In A Possible Billy Hatcher Revival

    "I would like to make his new adventure"

    Sega has had its high and low points over the years, but perhaps the most challenging moment in its history was the company's exit from the console market in 2001. Despite this uphill battle at the time, it still managed to pump out several amazing games, and even some new franchises that captured the hearts...

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