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  • Guide Best Game Boy Games

    Black and white brilliance

    Friday 21st April 1989 — the day that the Game Boy launched in Japan. 33 years ago the video gaming landscape would be forever changed as Nintendo opened up the new frontier of portable gaming to the masses. The company’s Game & Watch line let you take limited gaming experiences on-the-go, but the Game Boy was a...

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  • Random You Can Play SNES Games On A Toaster With This DIY Kit


    When we think of custom consoles, the first thing that comes to mind is custom plates, portable versions of home consoles - like this portable GameCube, which, in the absence of GameCube games on the Switch, we need. Yes, need. We're going a bit beyond these examples today, though! Japanese manufacturer Columbus Circle, who creates parts...

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  • Gallery This Incredible Axelay Art Proves We Need A Modern Remake

    Created by Housemarque's Tomi Väisänen

    While the end credits of Konami's stunning SNES shmup Axelay promised a sequel, we sadly never got one – and the game remains a true one-of-a-kind thanks to its gorgeous visuals, fantastic level design and brilliant music. Someone else who is clearly a huge fan is Housemarque's Tomi Väisänen. When he's...

Tuesday5th Apr 2022

  • News As 'Power Instinct' Approaches 30, The Chances Of A Re-Release Seem Slim

    Character designs not "politically correct"

    While it might not be quite as well-known as Street Fighter or King of Fighters, Atlus' zany Power Instinct (Gōketsuji Ichizoku in Japan) still has many fans – and those same fans might be expecting some kind of celebration to mark the series' 30th birthday in 2023. However, according to one source in...

  • News You Can Get Lost In This Hand-Drawn Zelda Map From 1986

    "Never-seen-in-full-online before"

    When the original Zelda launched in 1986, it captivated players with its massive, sprawling map and an incredible level of detail. While subsequent Zelda games have improved on this foundation dramatically, it's still easy to appreciate the level of complexity present in the NES original – and nothing captures...

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  • Random We Can't Stop Thinking About This Stunning GameCube Mockup

    Vaporwave hello

    Via Reddit You know how it is. You're scrolling through Twitter of an evening, admiring beautiful retro game box art and hardware and intricately detailed scale starship models (everyone does that, right?), and suddenly see an image so jaw-droppingly amazing that it stops you dead in your tracks. The image above had just this...

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