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  • News The Taito Egret II Mini Is Getting A Western Release

    Thanks to United Games Entertainment

    United Games Entertainment, the umbrella company for Strictly Limited Games/ININ Games, has revealed that it will be distributing the Taito Egret II Mini in the West. This arcade-focused micro system features a rotating 5-inch screen and is set for release in the New Year. Its Japanese release is scheduled for...

  • News This Gamer Is "No Death" Completing Some Of Video Gaming's Hardest Titles With His Chin

    "The chin always wins"

    We don't know about you, but we find it fantastic that we live in a world where having a disability doesn't mean you can't truly excel – and in HanDcapableSean's case, it's playing brutally difficult video games really well using his chin. Sean's focus is retro gaming, and he's completed some seriously difficult titles –...

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  • News Yes, This Is Stunt Race FX Running On The Game Boy

    Seriously impressive stuff

    Stunt Race FX (known in Japan as Wild Trax) was quite an impressive feat when it launched. Sure, it looks hopelessly crude by modern standards, but back in the early '90s when 3D visuals were still in their infancy, it really turned heads – lest we forget, consoles like the SNES simply were not designed for this kind of...

  • News Out Of Bounds Discovery In Super Mario Bros. 3 Lets You Tag In Luigi

    Now that's winning

    Super Mario Bros. 3 is an all-time classic, and particularly impressive when you consider the technology it relied upon. The 16-bit SEGA Genesis was right around the corner in Japan by the time the Famicom version launched in Japan, for example, yet Nintendo delivered what was a huge step up for its flagship series. The overworld...