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Sunday5th Jan 2020

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #24 - Super Monkey Ball 2

    Super Monkey Brawl

    Welcome to the twenty-fourth (!) round of Box Art Brawl, the weekly regional box art battle that sees you settle the score and vote for the best regional cover design or a retro video game. It's the first brawl of 2020 - we hope you all had a spectacular start to the New Year and are ready to scrap once more! Last week we had a...

Sunday29th Dec 2019

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #23 - Snowboard Kids

    The kids were all right

    Welcome to a festive edition of Box Art Brawl, where regional box art variants battle each other for the honour of your vote. Christmas is over, New Year is approaching, so it's time to hit the slopes as the snow settles in the interim. Last week Star Wars Episode I: Racer raced itself to the podium and t'was decreed by you...

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  • Feature I Think My Game Boy Predicts The Future

    “What evil might this forbidden technology unleash?”

    The Game Boy turned 30 last month – to the shock of those of us realising we are therefore well over 30. Where did the past go? I think it went into a nook at the end of my bookshelf – at least that’s where I found my old DMG-01, the original Game Boy. Like many reading this, I’m sure,...

  • Feature The Man Who Lost Tetris

    The almost unbelievable story of Robert Maxwell

    Media tycoon Robert Maxwell’s influence on the UK and international games’ software industry is the stuff of legend. As Dan Ackmerman’s writes in The Tetris Effect, Maxwell’s part in the international battle for the rights to Tetris resulted in legal battles between his son, Kevin Maxwell,...

  • Feature Your Beloved Games Console Is Slowly But Surely Dying

    Parts failure. Power issues. Creepy-crawlies. Your system is under attack

    "Everything put together falls apart" is the kind of sage-like adage that you often hear elderly relatives offering up over the dining table in-between moaning about Brexit and discussing the weather, and is a phrase most people under the age of 30 will surely dismiss out of...

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  • News The Amazing Story Of How One Man's Fib Created A Nintendo Empire

    The lie that gave birth to Bergsala

    If you're a Scandinavian resident then there's an excellent chance that the name Bergsala will mean a great deal to you. This company has been instrumental in distributing and marketing Nintendo's products in countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and, more recently, became an investor in SteamWorld...

  • Random Remembering When One Company Ruined Christmas For Some NES Owners

    A chastity belt, but for your console

    This Christmas, we'd imagine plenty of Switch consoles are going to make their way under trees all over the world, promising a legion of new players a pretty incredible holiday season. However, let's spare a thought for the kids back in 1989 who got a NES from Santa, only to find that their parents had also...

  • News Polymega Slips Into Early 2020, But It's Bringing Some Cool Stuff With It

    Intelligent patches! New screen filters! Impressive compatibility!

    Polymega's been in the oven for quite some time now, and, like so many new hardware projects, has been subject to a few growing pains. This ambitious system is aiming to be the ultimate retro box, allowing you to not only use your original games and controllers but also download your...

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