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  • News GAME's 'Home Arcade' Range Lets You Build The Arcade Of Your Dreams

    Pac-Man, Galaga, Space Invaders and more!

    UK retailer GAME has kicked off a new 'The Home from Home Arcade' campaign in partnership with Arcade1Up, a manufacturer of officially licensed arcade cabinets. If you've ever wanted to create the arcade of your dreams in your spare room, or even just pick up a full-size cabinet to plonk in your lounge,...

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  • News There's Now A New Classic Console To Keep Your LEGO NES Company

    Update: LEGO Atari now available

    Update: The LEGO Atari is now available to purchase, available directly from LEGO's website. Here are the links you need: <products id="19770"> Original Article (Tue 19th Jul, 2022 17:30 BST): LEGO are on a roll with its video game tie-ins at the moment! We've got the Mighty Bowser roaring us down in...

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  • News Analogue Pocket's Major Beta Update Is Live, Here's What's New

    Memories! OpenFPGA! SpaceWar!

    Analogue's major beta update to its handheld console, the Analogue Pocket, is finally live for users to download, and introduces much anticipated additions to the experience including Memories, Libraries, and openFPGA, Analogue's developer program. Detailed in an announcement post from Analogue itself, the biggest...

  • News Say Hello To Time Extension, The Newest Member Of Our Network

    If you like classic gaming, you'll love this...

    As you'll no doubt be aware, Nintendo Life is just one of three sites we operate here at Hookshot Media. We also operate Push Square and Pure Xbox, but it's been quite some time since we launched an entirely new site – but that changed this week. Say hello to Time Extension, the newest member of the...

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  • Random See How The World's Biggest Working Nintendo DS Was Created

    Supersize Mii

    We've all heard of the phrase 'go big or go home,' right? Well YouTuber and all-round tech wizard, Bigrig Creates, seems to have fully embodied its message with his latest video in which he assembles the world's biggest Nintendo DS. Sharing the video on his YouTube channel, BigRig assembles the system's iconic dual screens by...

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  • Poll What's The Best Mario Kart Game?

    Rate them Rainbow Roads

    Some of us here at Nintendo Life Towers are convinced that your favourite Mario Kart game is simply the one you played first with three other players in the same room — or just one other player if you were there at the very beginning with Super Mario Kart on Super NES. We tend to think this because while we can all agree...

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