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Tuesday2nd Apr 2019

  • News Don't Expect A Saturn Mini Anytime Soon, Says Sega

    "It may be possible in 10 years"

    Sega may be playing catch-up with Nintendo when it comes to the whole micro-console business, but the news that the Mega Drive Mini would finally be hitting store shelves later this year has been met with a positive reaction – mostly because emulation expert M2 is involved. Given that Nintendo followed up the NES...

Wednesday27th Mar 2019

Tuesday26th Mar 2019

  • Random Someone Cloned Axelay On The NES, Because Why Not

    Seriously impressive stuff

    It never ceases to amaze us how far modern-day developers can push retro hardware. From elaborate tech demos to fully-fledged ports, programmers are willing to push vintage systems to the absolute limit, forcing them to produce visuals that, back in the day, would have been unthinkable. Take the work of French developer...

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  • Random Unreleased Wrestling Game On NES Discovered After 30 Years

    An incredible find

    It might be 2019, but somehow people are still discovering unreleased games on the NES. YouTuber Stephan Reese, also known as Archon 1981, recently acquired the NES game UWC from a former Nintendo employee. If you've never heard about this wrestling title before, that's because it was never actually released. The name is...

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