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Pac-Man has now reached the ripe old age of 40 - yes, 40! - so we thought it was the perfect time to test your '80s arcade knowledge with a little quiz in honour of the pellet-muncher's birthday.

There's nothing too obscure here. Even if you didn't frequent the arcades back in the day (or if you're too young to know what a real arcade is), you'll likely have heard of every one of the legendary games mentioned below.

So, get comfy and make sure you've got plenty of coins in your pocket as we test your knowledge of arcade classics from the 1980s...

How Well Do You Know Classic '80s Arcade Games?

The answer is Orange.

All the ghosts that chase Pac-Man have names and were attributed different personalities from the very beginning. Blinky is the red ghost and the 'shadow' of the bunch, bashful Inky is the blue/cyan one, and Clyde is orange and described as 'pokey'.

No prizes for guessing speedy Pinky's colour.


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