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Nintendo consoles are home to some of gaming's best-known franchises, but – like any successful platform – they've also played host to obscure and questionable releases, too. For every Legend of Zelda and Metroid, there are countless other also-ran releases which nobody remembers.

Except us, that is, and perhaps you – if you feel up to taking on the challenge, that is? We've picked 15 reasonably obscure Nintendo releases from the past and challenge you with guessing them correctly – how well do you know your box artwork?

Can You Name These Third-Party Nintendo Games From Just Their Box Art?

The answer is Arcana (SNES).

The SNES certainly wasn't short on RPG action, but this early effort from HAL – known in Japan as Card Master: Rimsalia no Fuuin – is a little more obscure than most. Taking a pretty large helping of inspiration from Sega's Shining in the Darkness, Arcana offers a first-person perspective on the usual random, turn-based fantasy action, and has a brilliant soundtrack. The rather alluring female character shown on this cover image doesn't actually appear in the game.


You scored x out of 15.

  • 0-5: Where Art Thou Skills? - Time to brush up on your Nintendo knowledge!!
  • 6-10: Art Lover - you're not quite an expert, but you clearly have a keen eye
  • 11-15: Art Expert - you really know your stuff!

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