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Nintendo has been in the video game hardware business since the 1970s and the company has put out many very successful (and a handful of less successful) consoles in that time.

But how well do you know that long line of Nintendo handheld and home consoles? It's time to test your knowledge with our little quiz on the subject.

How Well Do You Know Nintendo Hardware?
Image: Nintendo Life

The answer is The console contained lockout technology preventing the use of unlicensed games.

Unlike the NES, the original Famicom contained no form of hardware lockout to prevent unofficial software from playing on the console.

It did, however, feature control pads wired directly into the system, a microphone in the second pad and much smaller cartridges. The cases were made physically larger overseas to give them the appearance of video cassettes rather than Atari-style cartridges which, at the time, were associated with the video game crash of 1983.


You scored x out of 10.

  • 0-3: Virtual Boy
  • 4-7: They don't call it 'hard'-ware for nothin, amirite?
  • 8-10: You're playing with power!