We've already heard how the Captain Marvel star and Oscar winner Brie Larson would like to play Samus Aran in a Metroid movie, and now in an interview with People.com, she's been asked if she would be interested in starring in a movie adaptation of Animal Crossing. This was her response:

Of course. I support Animal Crossing all the way, through and through. I think it’s good for our hearts.

If you're not convinced with the idea of Brie appering in an Animal Crossing movie, in the same interview she revealed how she's been a long-time fan of Nintendo's long-running lifestyle series. It turns out she's actually been playing these games with her sister since the GameCube release.

The original game, the first time I played it was on Nintendo’s GameCube and it was just so important to me and my sister. My mom set up a rule: whoever finished their homework got to play first. It was an amazing tool to get us to finish our homework.

I’m so excited to make new memories with my sister [Milaine Desaulniers] again. We’re adults now and yet we still just have such a deep love for this game and it’s been really fun to talk with her about it.

Larson also revealed how she had been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons since about Monday, after partnering with Nintendo to promote the game. She's even been talking to Nintendo of America's President Doug Bowser over on Twitter:

Would you like to see a live adaptation of an Animal Crossing movie? How about one starring Brie Larson? Let us know in the comments below.

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