Let's face it, Isabelle is a huge part of the Animal Crossing world – she's everyone's favourite dependable helper and her positive outlook makes light work of even the hardest in-game task.

However, upon firing up Animal Crossing: New Horizons you might be disappointed to discover she's nowhere to be seen. That's because you have to undertake a series of tasks before she'll appear on your island.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Isabelle & Resident Services Guide

How Long Does It Take To Unlock Isabelle?

The entire process takes about a week, depending on how you play.

How To Unlock Isabelle And Upgrade Resident Services From A Tent To A Building

To make sure you get Isabelle as soon as possible, visit Tom Nook every single day and complete the objectives he gives you.

These include things like developing your own home, building a shop, attracting new islanders, furnishing their homes and building a bridge – basically steps to get your new town into as good a state as possible.

You'll know you've done enough of these tasks when Tom Nook stops assigning them and instead discusses upgrading Resident Services from a smelly old tent to a fully-fledged Town Hall.

The tent will be out of action for a day while construction takes place, and the next day – boom – Isabelle will be part of your burgeoning community.

What Can Isabelle Do?

Isabelle can do things like change the island's flag and the island's theme tune, as well as discuss particular residents you might have an issue with.

She'll also enliven your town hall by doing all kinds of cute and adorable things, many of which are so heartwarming that it's practically worth the effort of unlocking her just to witness them. Awww.

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