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After Konami's maddeningly hard Contra/Probotector proved immensely popular, obviously it wasn't going to sit around and not make a sequel. Super C/Probotector II puts you in the role of the same heroes once again as you try to take out alien scum. This time they're possessing humans to attack you.

The game's got practically the same gameplay as the original - just run right while fighting off hordes of enemies and dodging a lot of bullets. It does seem to be slightly easier than the original though; perhaps Konami thought it was a bit too hard. Along the way you can shoot down pods that fly overhead to obtain powerups in order to change your weapon, with options such as shotgun (spread shots) or missile (strong but slow).

As usual in the series, there are some non-2D sidescroller sections as well. This game introduces overhead sections (which would return in Contra III/Super Probotector for SNES, also on VC) which are slightly easier than the sidescrolling sections.

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The bosses are, as usual, enormous machines and creatures which have their own specific weak points. They're not as frustratingly hard as some of the bosses in other games in the series, but can still provide a good challenge.

As an added bonus, the NES port has three extra stages not present in the arcade game; there is also a new final boss.

The music is nothing too special (except for the level 1 theme), but it is upbeat and lively, getting the point across well.


All in all, Super C is a great sequel to the original Contra. What most gamers found appealing about the original - challenge - is sadly lacking slightly here though. This does make the game a good entry point into the series for more inexperienced players, but veterans might find it a bit easy.