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Anne's Doll Studio: Tokyo Collection Review

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Goodbye, Dolly

If you were clamouring for a sequel to Anne's Doll Studio: Gothic Collection, it can only mean that you've never played it. Nevertheless, here we are, being punished for whatever hideous, unforgivable sins we must have committed in our past lives.

Anne's Doll Studio: Tokyo Collection is that sequel, and while the previous instalment left plenty of room for improvement, Tokyo Collection decides instead to take yet another step backward, and leave us with a game even more disappointing than the last, which, we have to admit, is an incredible achievement.

If you haven't played the previous game, we're intensely jealous of your good fortune. You may however wish to read our Anne's Doll Studio: Gothic Collection review to find out what went wrong. (Spoiler: everything.)

In that game, and this one, you're presented with a doll. Its features, shape, skin tone and gender are not customisable, which seems to be a preposterously missed opportunity, as you can't even use this title to create lookalikes of yourself, your friends or anybody else. Anne's Doll Studio gives you one template to work with, and you'd better well like it.

As in the previous game, you have several categories of accessories to choose from, including headwear, jackets and shoes. Each of these categories again consists of a paltry amount of accoutrements, never spanning more than 18 options and often limited to only six. You can also use only one accessory from any category, just to further stifle your creativity and fun.

So far, so much like the Gothic Collection. Very soon, however, it becomes apparent that the Tokyo Collection actually manages to take a step back from the previous game. For starters, you can only customise one doll in this game, as opposed to the comparatively generous two in the previous title. It's as though the developers took a long, hard look at the Gothic Collection and sought any way possible to make it less enjoyable.

The accessories, also, are very, very loosely related to Tokyo at best, and we'd argue that many of them have nothing to do with Tokyo at all. In the Gothic Collection, at least, the focus was clear: dark and drab colours and styles. Here we have everything from items that scream American prom queen to lazily copied and pasted leftovers from the Gothic Collection, and everything in between. While it's of course possible that somebody in Tokyo might conceivably wear these things at some point, there's no strong case for classifying most of what's here as part of any "Tokyo collection."

The rest of the game is woefully intact from its previous incarnation, right down to the inconvenient sharing methods, clunky blackouts and dull sticker and frame options. The touch screen often refuses to work — typically after transitioning between categories, as though the game is still trying to catch up with itself — and the music is about as soothing and melodic as the sound a dog makes when you accidentally step on its tail.

We didn't think it was possible, but Anne's Doll Studio: Tokyo Collection actually makes us miss the comparatively generous experience of Anne's Doll Studio: Gothic Collection.

But this game does have a silver lining: there's nowhere to go but up. We hope.


Anne's Doll Studio: Tokyo Collection seems tailor-made to incur our displeasure. As an unnecessary and overpriced sequel to a game that was unnecessary and overpriced to begin with, we certainly didn't expect much of it, but by removing features from an already flawed formula it ends up disappointing even our lowest expectations. We're very much looking forward to the next release in the series, which at this rate we have to assume will consist of nothing but an unresponsive title screen.

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Lalivero said:

Sad to see a game rated with 1 cousin would probably enjoy something like it though, she's into anything like it.



ueI said:

I never thought this was possible. I guess they won't rest until everyone's played this series.



Samholy said:

isnt this a game for the little girls ? 1 it harsh, im sure a younger girl would love it.
again, my kids play these things freely in flash game sites. Who would pay for this anyway hahahaha

and the banner, what the heck is this ?



thebluelight1 said:

from the photo at the top I was expecting a creepy Japanese horror game centred around a doll, which would have been a lot more interesting I expect.



misswliu81 said:

that doll pic looks like lady gaga to me but with darker hair.

funny review this was too! make me giggle!



warioswoods said:

Ah, so I see you weren't shirking your responsibilities after all. That Legend of Zelda review had me wondering if you'd been distracted from your Doll Studio duties. Science cannot move forward without heaps!



WarioFan63 said:

Technically speaking Tokyo Collection is a prequel. I guess. If we can call these sequels and prequels. Japan got this one a few years ago, then Gothic a few months after, then they got two others after Gothic. They would be uh...Lolita and Princess Collections.

So it's not so much that Tokyo Collection removed things. We just these out of order.

And that is your useless trivia of the day!



Capt_N said:

Poor Chicken_Brutus, what did you do to end up rating, & reviewing these games?! Come to think of it, why do/es any of the NLife staff play these horrors?

Btw, thanks NLife. I am now a fully traumatized young adult man, thanks to that banner. @misswliu81: It does look like Lady Gaga. I am now off to attend to matters of making a therapy appointment, so I won't be afraid of dolls anymore.

Actually, this series could use a serious injection, & make use of an opportunity to be all that a typical flash-based dress-up game probably is, & more. A Google search of Gamebridge doesn't show me anything gaming related. If these devs thought about it, their up-&-coming nature can determine, if they become larger, & better devs. No online store should be filled w/ 1/2 baked games, or apps.



Geonjaha said:

Seriously Nintendo, what's going on?
How'd this get into DSiWare?
Nice Review though; hopefully it will save everyone from ever getting this game ever.



ATDI said:

Do you guys have to try and review everything? This is a serious question. I mean, wouldn't you rather be a chemical test lab rat?



Kiyata_Hamasaki said:

They put stuff like THIS on DSiWare and yet do not bring us GOOD games like Earthbound, Secret of Mana, or Board Game Top Shop? I don't understand it.



Whopper744 said:

We could have had a good Game Boy game to download, but noooo. We had to have this instead.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Do you guys have to try and review everything?

Yes! And...

I mean, wouldn't you rather be a chemical test lab rat?




MagicEmperor said:

stares at the banner of the review
That's okay, Nintendo Life. I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway!



Korbin64 said:

I was going to pass this article, until I remembered how bad the other review of this was. Sometimes I think the whole mission statement of this company is "Lets use the one harmless object that everyone is afraid of, and see how many people buy it."

This is not HIGH FASHION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, I do watch Tosh.

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