Daemon X Machina received a slightly mixed reaction after a demo for the game was released on the eShop in February; while it was enjoyable for the most part, some - including ourselves - thought that the whole package felt a little clunky and that it could definitely benefit from some extra love and attention.

Some players who tried it out were invited to share their feedback in a survey and a new trailer for the game has now been shared to showcase the changes that have been made in response. You can check it out for yourself above, but we've also copied the changes down for you below if you'd prefer to read through them instead.

Major improvements:

  • New equipment allows you to lock-on to enemies. When equipped, the camera will track any enemy that has been locked-on to
  • Enemy health bars have been added during boss and Arsenal battles
  • Equipment can now be scavenged from defeated enemies from further away. You can also now steal equipment while hovering
  • Indicators now show which direction enemy fire is coming from
  • Motion controls have been added for aiming - you can tune sensitivity, or turn them on or off, in the Options menu
  • If you hold the attack button while reloading, your weapon will start firing as soon as the reload is completed
  • By default, the R button is used for boosting and the Y button fire auxiliary weapons
  • You can change button configurations in the Options menu
  • The initial velocity at which you ascend and descend mid-air has been increased
  • The pause after you attack with a close-range weapon has been shortened
  • Attacks now feel more forceful thanks to additional sound effects
  • You're no longer forced back into the mission area if you step outside. Now, you'll fail the mission if you leave the mission area for too long or continue past the red boundary marker

Other improvements:

  • Radar visibility increased
  • Improved visibility of smaller enemies
  • Clearer distinction between enemies and allies
  • Font size of text is increased
  • Ammo drops from enemies increased

Phew! It certainly feels like a lot of changes have been made when you have to type it all out, believe us.

The full game releases on 13th September. Are you liking the sound of these changes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

[via youtube.com]