Boom stick time!

DOOM on Switch is quite a thing, as you'll know if you've read our hands-on impressions of the game. However, in case you were wondering just how well the game can possibly run on a system which contains mobile hardware, our friends over at Digital Foundry have posted a interesting video which gives us a decent idea of what the game will look like - and how future PC-to-Switch ports could pan out.

Direct capture from Switch wasn't possible during the recent hands-on events in the US and UK, because the game was only available in handheld form. However, Digital Foundry's tech wizard Richard Leadbetter has done the next best thing; he's built a PC which matches the spec of the Switch as closely as possible, and has grabbed footage from that to give us our closest indication yet - in video form - of how the Nintendo port will run.

As you can see, the game loses a lot of detail but is still perfectly playable, and while Leadbetter admits he has taken some guesses when it comes to configuring the PC, he seems pretty confident that the Switch version he played runs more smoothly than this captured video. He also notes that because he was playing in handheld mode, it could be the case that the docked version runs even better.

While the Switch version of DOOM is clearly a step down from the home console and PC versions, it remains a remarkable achievement, and we personally can't wait to play the full thing.