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Wed 5th October, 2011

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Arehexes commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

Personally I'm glad they are bringing the XL over here, the small systems always hurt my hands. It's also why I have a battery grip for my Vita, my hands cramp up if I don't have it. I get people are mad about this choice, but I can guess a few reasons why they went this route. (Also the buttons on the small one are loveydoveywuving ugly)

A)It's Cultural thing, can you honestly tell me in the states we are generally big on customizing are own devices? I know we do it here, but on the scale like japan. Just look at our tech in general, it's always the same colors or slight variations of (Wow that midnight blue looks like black from a distance).

B)I wouldn't be more shocked if the XL is only here because people rave about it more. Feels like when ever the XL is announced people rave on and on how they should have done it originally.

C)They don't want to compete with the 2DS. I'm pretty sure if the New 3DS comes out it will cost more then the 2DS, and people will be more likely to snatch that up still because it would be cheaper.

I know I might be not liked for this, but I rather have the XL mostly so I can play the damn thing without having to buy a add on so it doesn't hurt. The XL still fits in my pocket when I go out. Speaking of hand cramping if Nintendo patches Kid Icarus to use that second stick for dual analog (Cause they whined about how the 3DS isn't powerful enough to do that) I would by it again. I know it's all opinion but that game should have been flogged for including a stand to help with playing it.



Arehexes commented on Sakurai: Dual Analogue Control in Kid Icarus: ...:

I refuse to agree with a developer who won't even give the option, and I'm a leftie I had to use the face buttons for ground fights cause it was just getting nuts to hold and control. Also if a game requires you to use a stand to make it easier to control,FIX THE CONTROLS. Also great job show casing that CPP so people would want to buy it nintendo.



Arehexes commented on Nintendo Rejects The Binding of Isaac:

To all those pissed about this game not hitting the 3DS, just get it on steam. How hard is it, I mean remember when Man Hunt 2 came out and was censored to be sold in stores cause of it's content? Maybe Team Meat doesn't want to sell this game on a system that would censor it, I've played it and thought it wasn't good and the story not interesting. It's one thing to use religion in a game but not go "God is telling me to kill you my son cause he said you are evil".

I mean lets look at Shin Megami Tensi as an example, there is religious things in the series (Fighting Lucifer and YHVH and what have you), but your not told to do YHVH will because he said so, you were given the choice to follow what you wanted. Follow YHVH's wishes to have protection for man from demons but you have to follow his rules under tight control, or have it be a dog eat dog world were demons rule, or let human taking control of their fate. In Binding of Issac a mother is watching a TV and hearing Gods will and doing what he says with no question asked putting her own son through hell because it was "God's Will". Again in SMT you are given different point of views of which path you feel is right. Like in Devil Survivor SPOILERS

You are Abel and able to contend for the throne of Bel, you could either
1)Be the next Messiah for Gods Will
2)Become King of Bel and take on God
3)Run away to fight another day
4)Take over the control of demons and become a super power in the UN

Again you are not told what to do it's a choice, in Issac it's "My mom wants to kill me to please god".

Also I notice it has no ESRB rating which is a big BIG no no for Nintendo.



Arehexes commented on First Impressions: Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! (...:

Wish this was on a golf course, but you know what I want this. May god this look like what Let's Golf should be but good. My god I need this now, I mean slow-mo NOOOOOWWWWWW explosions from behind me go off

And it's made be Shin'rin, DO WANT >:D



Arehexes commented on Rytmik Retrobits:

I want this app but I have a question, will it support some form of exporting to the SD card?