We were wondering what the tiny new update for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers did, but it looks like Capcom didn't want us to be in the dark for long. Revealed at this year's currently ongoing edition of SDCC, here is the lovely (now not so) secret code that will allow you to control Shin Akuma:

- Select Ryu, stay in colour 1 and cancel.

- Select Ken, move from colour 1 to colour 9 and cancel.

- Select Sagat, move from colour 1 to colour 8 and cancel.

- Select M. Bison, move from colour 1 to colour 7 and cancel.

- Move to Random and hit L+R.

If you have done that correctly, Shin Akuma will be in your hands and along with him come his trademark double air fireball, ridiculously increasing the combo potential of one of the strongest fighters in the game. Sadly you will need to input those commands every time you wish to select him since the game will not permanently add him to the roster. You can check out our resident all-things Street Fighter II savant giving this ultimate addition to the roster a spin in the video below.

By our accounts Shin Akuma truly is the Final Challenger. We are still fairly certain of the Switch's potential as a fighting game console (and so is Hamster's bank account), but we must continue to patiently wait for more fighting franchises to make the move.

Did you pick up Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers upon release or are you still waiting for the price to drop? Is Shin Akuma your one way ticket to upsetting your friends? Fight it out on the comments section below.