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Mon 25th Aug 2014

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Priceless_Spork commented on Review: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (Wii U e...:

I just played A2 and logged over 200 hours probably. All I can say is that if its anything like A2, do yourself a favor and don't adopt the tactic I did. I utilized every character and leveled out all the professions so that they would all be equal in battle when I used them so nobody would be too weak to use. It made for a very fun varied experience with no boredom but when it came to the final boss I needed a couple seriously bad dudes with maxed stats and I didnt have them and had to grind and repeat missions to get them to where they could win.



Priceless_Spork commented on Soapbox: A Nintendo Fan's Hopes and Dreams for...:

Why wouldnt you want backwards capability? Why ask for that to be taken from you? Why ask that any choices be eliminated? What's wrong with you? Ask for all of it and more. I completely agree with Zool #22. I would add that I also dont want any ties to insidious intrusive social network sites. Rjer always asks for a handheld that can be hooked up to a Big HDTV and Im all for that. Achievement points sounds like somebody needs a pat on the head and a participation trophy and told they were a good boy or girl. Or a trained animal waiting for a Pavlovian command. Im not a simp, so I don't need that. Just give us good games. A lot of us are too old to buy plastic toys. I wont be paying for online services and I find demographically separating us into online categories is Orweillian . Just give me a disable chat option. Otherwise sure. More storage, no loss of games across platforms all good. Id like the choice of a million controllers I can choose from though. Dont deprive me of choices. And for the love of god dont tie my account to any social network or I wont be buying.



Priceless_Spork commented on Review: PEG SOLITAIRE (Wii U eShop):

When I played this in the waiting room there was always a peg that was a different color and I tried to leave just that peg. Maybe leaving certain color pegs can be worth more points or something. You could try incorporating that. This is simple and ancient but you can still try new wrinkles to alleviate the been there done that you know.



Priceless_Spork commented on Talking Point: The Allure of the Virtual Conso...:

Well my wii is full of retro games to the point where I need to delete some if I wanted any more. I gladly paid for them what they asked. I got a 3ds and I have a ton on that too but I havent seen anything in a long time thats good. I agree they have exausted many of their their first party games and need to make some deals because there are legions of untapped classics. I also want asteroids and centipede and about a billion more arcade ports from the 80's and 90's. Ive been forced to get a retron 5 and you know what? I can get anything I want for cheap now. I would rather have it on my 3ds and I would still pay it if they were there but if they arent, and so my money goes elsewhere. I dont find myself buying many third party new eshop games anymore. I dont buy first party ones because they are 60 dollars. I can get classic physical snes games for 5-20 dollars now for the retron 5. You totally blew it for a long time now Nintendo. Of course I still wait for those arcade ports but they wont ever get here.



Priceless_Spork commented on Review: Terraria (3DS):

I have it on the old 3ds and havent had any problems. Ive never played it before on anything else. Ive put about 5 or 6 hours into it and have to admit I set it aside for now because Im unclear how to proceed. I need more info on crafting stuff. The tutorial is fuzzy. I just messed around on it and built ropes in the sky to get around the world like tarzan. Its been fun as a time waster but I can see getting into it heavier. But the only problem Ive had is the visibility because its small. No lag or anything.



Priceless_Spork commented on Nintendo Download: 7th January (North America):

I love the NES but man, are there any bad terrible games left for them to add? Every time they add an NES its like damn that one is one of the worst stinkers on the system. I know there are some excellent games and then more excellent games they can put on the 3ds. I want Baseball Stars so bad its not funny. I could list cool NES games all day but sure there are also awful ones and that's the pool Nintendo is drawing from. Each new one they add sucks worse than the last and now they add the light gun terds. Can anyone think of any games worse than these? If so tell Reggie and Im sure he will add them but I think hes got just about all of em for us now. And yeah where are the SNES?



Priceless_Spork commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2016:

I was going to say I'm burnt out on RPG's but you beat me to it. I might try the Metroid game but it will probably be too expensive for me to want to. I want shmups, platformers , racing/sports, air combat, puzzle games and beatemups. Id also like a few board games with a modern design and no minigames like fortune street or somesuch. Anything but RPG's.



Priceless_Spork commented on Review: Bases Loaded (Wii Virtual Console / NES):

No baseball game has ever sucked this hardcore. The reviewer is so wrong about it being the best the NES had to offer. Only a simp would buy this back in the day. Arrmixer is obviously a simp. There was a game called Baseball Stars that was and is still one of the best baseball games ever made even in 2016. Baseball stars is not just one of the best games ever for the NES it is also one of the best baseball games ever for ANY console.. Get it.