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Mon 25th August, 2014

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Priceless_Spork commented on Review: I am an Air Traffic Controller Airport...:

I liked the recent train sim, liked Airport mania. so I played the demo of this.
It was as you describe. Dull boring meh. Then I realized something and I have to tell you,
Once I caught on, I actually think its kind of fun and the breaks in action mount the tension now. Because you see in order to really enjoy this game you have to CRASH THE PLANES!!! It aint easy to do it in mid air
Now I absolutely wish the train Sim was a trainwreck sim !!!!!! How awesome would that be?!!! Somebody start making this game for me. Id rather crash realistic trains than match blocks into strings of 3.



Priceless_Spork commented on Nintendo Download: 30th July (North America):

Baseball Stars for me too. Thats the single greatest baseball game of several generations. It was one of the best NES games period. It was miles better than most baseball games and still the most fun. I played so many BB games with better graphics etc that just sucked comparatively and werent fun even decades after this game. But... Power pros 2008 for the Wii is a really close second.
Baseball stars 2 for NES is not as good as there wasnt the same customization.
Im sure we wont ever get this game on VC.
I think I read that other regions got better themes than NA that stinks.



Priceless_Spork commented on Review: FIFA 13 (Wii U):

Soccer is boring compared to American sports. Its fun to play but not watch for us in the USA. So we dont. I mean we really dont. Not at all. We tend to view it as something kidies moms drop them off at the park to do for an hour. Gonna go play soccer? Dont forget your juice. But what I do like is when one of our teams beats some country and they have a good team and their fans are just live or die over the outcome and yup we beat em. But knowing that you know that nobody in America even cares must drive you mad and thats why I like soccer.
The video game might be fun.



Priceless_Spork commented on Review: 3D Streets of Rage 2 (3DS eShop):

BulbasaurusRex said:
It's a brilliant game, but I don't know if this is worth double-dipping just for the 3D, though.
Yeah dude for sure it is. I thought the same. I wasnt gonna do it cause I have it already for the VC. I liked it a lot but WOW this is super awesome cool on the 3ds and I was blown away this time. Do it.



Priceless_Spork commented on Review: Garfield Kart (3DS):

Yeah make a GOOD wacky races!!!! Absolutely its Sooooo obviously a great game idea but that wii game sucked. I love that cartoon so much but even as I play it I wonder why must I get my fix this way? It's quite sad. I want to love it so much I pretend its good for a while then quietly put it back in the case and get out a fun game.



Priceless_Spork commented on Review: Exed Exes (Virtual Console / Virtual C...:

This game is a quarter eater and will kill you good.
My big complaint is that I got the high score then died and continued. The game reverted back to the original high score, Its repetitive and all but I dont care, Im on a lifelong retro quest to wipe out BUGS in shumps!!!



Priceless_Spork commented on Review: WarioWare Twisted! (GBA):

I just bought it for 2 bucks last week and played it once for about 2 hours and its very fun what I played. I already have a bunch of games in my rotation but I put it in there cause I dug it.



Priceless_Spork commented on There Are Now Over 600 DSiWare Games And Apps:

I just got a 3ds and am enjoying the dsware games I never played before. I wish theyd go down in price also. Mighty Milkyway was mentioned and I havent shelled out the 8 bucks either but I want the game. Theres a lot like that I noticed. I just need them to also be reviewed.



Priceless_Spork commented on Nintendo Download: 25th June (North America):

Nintendo life is giving me a heart attack not reviewing anything I can afford.
I havent downloaded any of the new games because Ive been waiting over a month for a review. The nintendo festival had to be covered I get that but I wont be buying any of those games on my budget and I dont have a wiiu so I really could care less about anything Ive read in about a month. Lets get a review on the Japanese train game the gg series, swords and darkness, etc etc etc.
Ive been relying on Windy's comments to keep me informed about the games in the eshop. (thanx Windy).
If anyone has played these games will you give your thoughts in the empty comment section so I have a crumb to go on please?



Priceless_Spork commented on Take More Risks With Your eShop Purchases, Ple...:

I want to get citizens of earth but its 9000 blocks. Id love it but cant use up all my space. I love the kinds of games he describes and will take educated risks. Im digging zenonia right now. I havent seen a review on any of the new games. I will take a chance but prefer some kind of review first.
Im also with the crowd that wants physical games and cant understand how digital games can be jutified at that price and before someone breaks it down for me I'll just say I dont care I can't afford it in that case. My rule on digital games is nothing over $10.
I will never join a subscription service.
I sometimes spend the money on physical nintendo games over $10, if all games go digital I will be done at that point I guess.