Just recently we reported that the TT Head of Design, Arthur Parsons, had stated that LEGO Worlds was coming to the Nintendo Switch. Casually mentioned alongside LEGO City: Undercover in a Tweet, there was the potential that it was an innocent mistake, as no official word of a Switch release of Worlds had been made before; last November it was announced for a February release on PS4 and Xbox One.

We contacted Warner Bros. for comment and they have confirmed that LEGO Worlds is coming to Nintendo Switch, so there was no mistake on the part of Mr Parsons. Oddly, there's still no real acknowledgement of this on official channels (at the time of writing), while the game's official website makes no mention of the Switch. We've asked about a release date and will update accordingly when one is confirmed; it wouldn't surprise us if a formal public announcement is made shortly, in any case.

It'll certainly be a welcome arrival on the Nintendo system, as it's a game that seeks to blend the gameplay mechanics and charm of the LEGO franchise with sandbox building and freedom.

It'll also be great news if it arrives early in the Switch lifespan, with the February release on other consoles having some dreaming of a launch arrival. Those thoughts should be kept in check until official word comes, however.

Is this a title that you plan to pick up on Nintendo Switch?