The name Harvest Moon (now Story of Seasons in western territories because of licencing issues) will be familiar to most Nintendo gamers as it's a longstanding series with many titles and spin-offs. The more obscure PoPoLoCrois – originally a fantasy manga series that was later adapted as two anime series and five strategy RPGs in its native Japan – only saw the western release of one of its games for the PlayStation Portable in 2006 simply titled 'PoPoLoCrois'.

The PoPoLoCrois franchise has stayed reasonably quiet in the past few yeas, but Marvelous Inc. is now reviving it as a 3DS-bound strategy RPG following the adventures of Prince Pietro, PoPoLoCrois' kind-hearted protagonist. Gameplay looks to be a combination of the PoPoLoCrois series' turn-based grid-style combat and Harvest Moon's signature farming and village life simulation elements.

So far there's no word on when Japanese gamers can expect the game, and no mention of a western release yet. Do you have fond memories of PoPoLoCrois' only western RPG release? Is the fantasy setting enough to make this worth a look? Can you just not stand sad cows? Let us know in the comments!