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Video: This Moody Trailer for The Fall Sets The Scene

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Available now in North America, coming to Europe in the future

Crowdfunding on Kickstarter has brought us a select group of enticing games on the Wii U eShop, one of which has arrived this week in North America. The Fall seems to be a stylish adventure title that cites Super Metroid as a major influence; it arrived in North America on 26th August for $9.99.

Though release was originally targeted for April, the arrival of this title is sure to turn some heads. Developer Over The Moon's founder, John Warner, acknowledged the importance of the Wii U audience in the funding success of the project in a press release confirming its arrival on the store.

They [Wii U gamers] showed us overwhelming support during our Kickstarter campaign, so we're excited to see how well the game is received. We already owe a large part of our success thus far to the Wii U community.

We're working on a review, though no doubt some have already taken the plunge; let us know your thoughts on it so far. A European release is on the books for the future, and the launch trailer below sets the scene rather nicely.

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IxC said:

I've just realised I've been confusing this game with The Swapper.



Kolzig said:

If the pricing is the same as on PC, definitely buying it for 7€ when it gets the European release in the coming weeks.

I hope this game does well, the reviews have been glorious so far. It seems to be a 3-5 hour game, and the first part of a trilogy of games.



SahashraLA said:

The voice acting is well done, the dark atmospherics enhance the rather potent air of desperation and the controls are a nice mix of Metroid and point and click.
Truly, this is a point and click game for a new generation.
Combine the unique premise with rather engaging combat and it all makes for a standout title.
One of the eShop's best and a must buy.



Mr_G said:

Ive been playing it all night and the game is excellent. Such amazing atmosphere with a great audio soundtrack and cool story. Love it



ricklongo said:

Seems interesting enough. I've been dividing my Wii U time between One Piece and Scram Kitty, and both have failed to really impress me (especially the latter). Hopefully this one will be different.



whodatninja said:

"coming to Europe in the future"

Sigh, I hope this isn't becoming a new indie game trend: Release in US first, everywhere else is superfluous.

Global releases are possible you guys. MAKE USE OF IT!



DiscoGentleman said:

@whodatninja I'll bet real moneydollars that those delays are usually related to the ratings systems in the separate regions. North America's just happens to be the smoothest. I hear the EU's is particularly atrocious and archaic. Really a shame for gamers in those countries



onex said:

Also, as an indie developer, publishing isn't free, so bear that in mind as well.



TwilightOniAngel said:

This game came out of nowhere in the Eshop. But the trailer and the screenshots made me buy it at that moment though,cause it looks damn good.



jasonbra said:

Picked it up after watching the trailer. Havent played it yet though. Getting pretty good reviews.



element187 said:

Picked it up launch day. It's such a gem. I have put 5 hours in it so far, but I keep getting stuck, so I'm probably only 2 hours in where someone who is figuring out the puzzles quickly would be.

I would rate it as 8/10... I would rate it 9/10 if the story is going in the direction I'm thinking it will go. I see a stellar mind f*<@&, or plot twist that they would be crazy not to go with.. Can't wait to see more.



element187 said:

@3dcaleb Its using a lot of modern effects the 3DS just isn't capable of doing. They would have to make a brand new game from scratch to put it on 3DS, and even then how in the world would they replicate the dynamic lighting in the flashlight? Luigis Mansion 2 did a pretty poor job in that respect, and if Nintendo can't do dynamic lighting in their own system, I doubt an indie developer would be able to figure it out.

This game is perfect for Wii U.

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