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Video: Mega Slowbro Spins its Stuff in New Trailer

Posted by Alex Olney

Like a record, baby

Mega Slowbro was leaked accidentally earlier this week by Nintendo's official Korean website, and now the west has acknowledged its existence with a new trailer revealed earlier today.

Mega Slowbro's ability changes with the transformation into Shell Armour as well as giving the pink rascal additional defence and special attack on account of his new Shellder suit.

In the trailer you can see Mega Slowbro in battle using a variety of moves with amusing animations to fit with its amusing method of standing. Opinion is divided on the choice to Mega Evolve Slowbro instead of Slowking, but for whatever reason Game Freak decided to choose the former to give a new lease of life to. You can find the trailer below.

Which monster from the series would you like to see Mega Evolve in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?

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Porky said:

Mega Slowking can still happen. Slowbro and Slowking are both final evolutions. The Shell Armor ability is.. not the best, but it really is logical given that Slowbro IS wearing a shell for armor lol.



Crimzonlogic said:

Before I thought it just looked funky. But they had to give it shell armor? I guess my regenerator slowbro will just never go mega. Shell armor sucks in comparison. I'll probably change my mind if the stat boosts are insanely high, though.
Hopefully mega slowking is better(If they make it, that is).



J-Manix98 said:

I like it better than Mega Audino that's for sure. I'd love to see a Mega Gallade though...



Gold said:

Mega Flygon, Mega Swalot, Mega Donphan, Mega Swellow, and Mega Lanturn.
Im still hoping ORAS and Smash dont come out on the same day.



GuSolarFlare said:

it looks silly and won't be useful to me, but I love it!!!!!
I mean even oblivious helps more than shell armor for Slowbro(can't taunt this )



Megumi said:

Dunno why Slowbro and not Eh, I don't use that Pokemon anyways, so whutever.



IceClimbers said:

Shell Armor is a fine ability for Mega Slowbro. Yeah, it's not Regenerator, but you can still use that ability before Mega Evolving.

Mega Slowbro took a Tough Claws boosted STAB Dragon Claw from Mega Charizard X and only had roughly 25% damage. Give the thing Amnesia to patch it's weaker Special Defense and Slack Off for recovery and you have yourself a great mixed tank (or wall, depending on how big a boost it's Special Attack gets).

On a side note, Fire Blast has a new animation.



GuSolarFlare said:

@IceClimbers calm mind will make it a really powerful tank regardless of the Sp.Atk boost(I mean, it's already pretty dangerous to let a normal Slowbro use consecutive calm minds)



One-Winged-Pit said:

I was really hoping it was fake. I have a box full of every Mega so far that have been released. Sufficient to say, this THING will never join them.



LtAldoRaine said:

Yeah, no Regenerator sucks, but at least he still has Slack Off for recovery. I can see this thing being a beast with Calm Mind.



sinalefa said:

That first attack looks like Akuma's evil signature. So this is the Slowpoke of Evil Intent.



Freeon-Leon said:

@IceClimbers Yup. I think I'll keep my Slowbro as it is (Psychic, Scald, Amnesia and Slack Off) and just give her the mega stone. It's gonna be a nice tank.



MegaBeedrill said:

You guys are forgetting..

This pokemon gets these moves:

Trick room
Slack off

If it gets a +50 boost in both it's defenses.. this thing will be nearly broken.. since you can't wall break it. The only strong dark type move, knock off, doesn't work since it's a mega stone (hits but the secondary effect isn't added) and sucker punch fails to hit hard enough and can be played around. Physical users also can be burned with scald and special users have to fear the calm mind set. Especially since he gets recovery and trick room makes it extremely easy to abuse.

Honestly the only way you can wall break this guy is with a critical hit.. Oh wait shell armor

Shell armor seems inferior to regenerator mega slowbro.. but it looks like he's ment to be a tank rather than a come and go pokemon like mienshao and amoongus.

Just because reuniclus got regenerator don't mean he's best as a tank.. people prefer to use him as a calm mind life orb magic guard user. A more offensive variation for short.. This may be the more offensive variation for slowbro being a mega. This actually let's him preform two roles, a wall, and a sweeper. He can be a wall.. and then at the right time in the match when you don't think he'll care for regenerator anymore or needs a defense buff, mega evolve and annoy everything living.

In conlusion.. we're dealing with a blissey with much bigger offensive potential and two abusable abilities in the same match. I hope our nasty plot porygon-z can over power calmmind sets as it doesn't look like there's any other way other than toxic stall and running sableye on every one of our teams..

Anyway.. I hope GF gives us a mega flygon. Especially since so many people are demanding for it..



Freeon-Leon said:

@Stomatopod17 I don't think it'll get a boost that big on both defenses. Maybe a little boost of 20~ for the special defense, look at him, he doesn't look that much smarter than before.



KryptoKrunch said:

I thought that Mega-Bro designed looked weird at first but it's growing on me.

The lack of regenerator does suck, but at least he still has access to Slack off and Shell Armor prevents those dastardly crits so I'm liking Mega-Bro.



DarkNinja9 said:

eh looks ok i guess still better then mega audino....

i have seen a few ppl before want a mega raichu but i feel like they would ruin it some how too



GuSolarFlare said:

@Fandabidozi just a small correcion, Slowbro is also a last stage evolution, Slowpoke evolves into either Slowbro or Slowking.
unless you mean it's not final stage like Charizard(IIRC it's called stage 2?) then there was Bannete, Medicham and some other that are only stage one



Leafgreenmary said:

I know it's stupid to judge based on its's just so ughhh.
However, it seems like it could be pretty useful. Gahhh! I love you Pokemon, but some of your Mega Evolutions make me scratch my head and ponder.



SmashMaster said:

I don't really like the way this one looks... Maybe if it was derpier. Of all the Pokemon they could have chosen for a Mega Evolution... Why Slowbro? But, whatever. I'm still waiting for Mega Shedinja.



Yorumi said:

@Stomatopod17 he's still weak to electric, grass, bug, and ghost. Those tend to be fairly common attacks, and he's still slow. It only says his defense goes up not sp.def and he has only moderate hp. Mega aggron is better on the defensive side and players arn't terribly scared of that. Slowbro's main use is as a trick room setter. That's one moveslot, as a tank you are going to want a heal and since he lost regenerator that's going from a choice to a necessity. Now you have to pick two of calm mind, psychic/psyshock, and scald. I think whether he's better than slowbro is debatable.

@everyonebeggingformoremegas this is largely what I was afraid was going to happen with megas in the game. More regular evolutions? Moves? Changing stats? Better balance? Nope, just give us more megas. So lets say they give us mega everything to balance weaker pokemon. Now I want to use raichu, flygon, ninetales, and whatever else, oh wait not I can't I've got to pick only one and go back to the same unbalanced game where only 30 to 40 pokemon are useful.



MegaBeedrill said:


As if slowbro is switching in on any of that. Slowbro is going to switch in on something easy and setup calm mind, or trick room then calm mind. M-venasaur might be the only true counter with sleep powder and resisting scald.. but psyshock and psychic are still possible. Even chesnaught, the only other viable grass type currently, can be destroyed by it's secondary STAB.

No bug type wants to take a psyshock either after a calm mind under trick room.. and the only ghost I ever see are chandelure who's weak to water, gengar who's weak to psychic, and the rare trevenant that still fears possible ice beam lurk sets.

Charizard Y may do a hurtin with solar beam.. but it isn't stab and psyshock will still hurt alot.

Electric types.. meh they're all frail too like bug types and can't do nothing under trick room/can't OHKO after a calm mind.



SmashMaster said:

@Stomatopod17 That means if it keeps it's Bug/Ghost typing, bug, poison, ground, and grass types would be able to hit it. One more less than it had, and less common types. That could be better.

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