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Video: Behold The Insane Destructive Power Of Link's Wrecking Ball And Power Glove Combo

Posted by Damien McFerran

More Hyrule Warriors footage to get you excited

As the Japanese launch of Hyrule Warriors draws ever closer we've starting to see a lot more video content pouring out of Koei Tecmo. This latest footage shows Link's Ball & Chain and Power Glove weapon arrangement, the raw power of which is absolutely terrifying.

Link is able to use the ball to send enemies flying like bowling pins, while the Power Gloves allow him to pick up massive objects — including other opponents — to hurl at his foes. It all looks amazing, and suggests that we're going to be in for a real treat when the game arrives in the west in September.

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Findonovan95 said:

Man, this game just leveled up in my Must Buy list! Lol I'm definitely going to need to get this game when it comes out. Hyped! XD



Tsurii said:

@AlexOlney I watched it 3 times and I still have no idea what happened T.T a similar feeling as with Agitha's moveset for the trailer: kinda...meh compared to the rest. I was really looking forward to seeing the ball and chain in action, but he's doing almost the same exact thing with the weapon itself the whole time. I guess the magic attacks and the pillar thing are really cool ideas, but even the pillar attack...argh
I have to play it myself before I can say much more about it, I guess



Clipo said:

I really like the music for this game, remastered rock version of the classics for smashing goblins without regrets



Volmun said:

Looks like thay mixed in the abilty of the Mole Gloves too (From minnished Cap) as he dived undground. A real nice lot of nods to previus Zelda game Power ups and props lol also that world flipping was.. rather intresting lol



rjejr said:

Nooooo, I am so sick of that giant boss from Skyward Sword. He does look good in HD though. And less annoying to put down. Maybe we'll only have to fight him once this time.



Volmun said:

@rjejr looking at it i think he is probably only that lvls boss monster. only way I can see you needing to do him again is in some sort of Megaman stile boss rush mode or if its a random boss lvl (asumeing ither of thows things are in the game)



Giggity55 said:

I understand the weapon is really strong, but doesn't link have to also be really strong to...flip the freaking world upside-down?



sinalefa said:

First time I see the Imprisoned here. As annoying as it was, I still like its design a lot.

I guess this is an over the top Zelda. Which I like, since they can do anything as it is not canon.



MoonKnight7 said:

I'm not quite as impressed with this one. Perhaps they just need more time to refine it, but the wreaking ball itself is very static when Link is running around with it. I would have liked a simple animation to show it sway a little when Link is running from point A to point B. With the lack of animation, it just kind of looks like he's holding a club rather than a wreaking ball.



koelboel said:

I sometimes get worried by the amount of spoilers thinking there won´t e any surprises once I play the game, but that was in all honesty awesome.



Mega719 said:

Now we know Link's new moveset in the fifth Smash Bros. Can't wait to see the 3 new character trailers. Still not liking the Skyward Sword costumes maybe just because how they look in that picture, but I may just stick to Twilight Princess



AshFoxX said:

Is that glove really called a Power Glove?

Because that would signify that Link is playing with power, and it is so bad.

Also, this is the first time I've seen the Japanese title, which if you are curious is "Zelda Unrivaled" (Zelda Musō) which I found interesting since Japan is the only region where Zelda appears in the title. It's also probably the most pronounced 'Zelda' title ever released that doesn't have Zelda in the title in NA or EU.

I say 'pronounced' because I don't compare it with the CDi games, or games like Link's Crossbow Training, and games like SSB, Soulcalibur 2 and Battle Quest in Nintendo Land are not 'Zelda' games, Zelda characters and scenarios just appear as part of an overall theme.

As far as dedicated Nintendo Zelda video games go, Hyrule Warriors, I think, marks the first full fledged Zelda title without 'Zelda' in the title.



Pod said:

I wish you could destroy something that didn't already look weak or worthless in this game.

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