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Sonic Boom To Be Playable At Comic-Con, "Never-Before-Seen" Sega Games to Feature

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Sonic and co appearing at Archie Comics Booth

The upcoming San Diego Comic-Con line-up, for this weekend, continues to hot up. Sega has revealed its hand, and confirmed that there'll be playable demos of both Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric on Wii U and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal on 3DS. The games — and spin-off as a whole — will be at the Archie Comics Booth, tying in neatly with the recent announcement of a Sonic Boom comic book series to join the games, TV show and toys on the way.

Sega's press release also confirmed a presence for Alien: Isolation, but more intriguingly outlines a partnership with NERD HQ at the event to show more of its games and, it seems, reveal others.

SEGA will invade Nerd HQ from July 24-27 at Petco Park, just steps away from the Convention Center. Presented by The Nerd Machine, this popular fan-focused event provides guests an additional destination to interact with brand-new titles as well as hands-on opportunities with never-before-seen games. Nerd HQ will be the official home for SEGA throughout the show, spotlighting its games and hosting panels discussing the new titles.

Will you be checking out Sonic Boom at Comic-Con, or like us be looking with interest to see what new games are shown for the first time? Let us know.

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Xilef said:

Well, i'm not optemistic on Sonic Boom but i'm curious about those other games.



ekreig said:

They'll finally unveil Skies of Arcadia 2 for the Wii my dreams, not Comic-Con that is.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Some more SEGA goodness would be nice, consider the Wii U only has Sonic games from them and their retro games won't be coming to the Wii U VC anytime soon.

Perhaps the 2nd round of 3DS 3D Classics coming would be nice? :3



sinalefa said:

2 Sonic games + Alien Isolation + never before seen Sega games.

Shenmue 3 confirmed



TwilightAngel said:

meh alien isolation is going to be terrible, sonic boom is getting my attention now for some reason. And maybe it's shadow the hedgehog 2 exclusively for the wiiu.



PokeTune said:

Can probably guarantee that whatever new games get revealed won't be coming to Wii U.



ricklongo said:

@DiscoGentleman Is it funny that I feel the exact opposite way?

Excited about Sonic Boom (a bit less so after I learned of all the constant banter during gameplay, but oh well), absolutely no interest on any Aliens game.

As far as wishes for unannounced titles go, I want a Phantasy Star single-player epic JRPG for Wii U. Please.



DiscoGentleman said:

@ricklongo This is the first Alien game ever that I've been excited for. Less, though, since I saw the e3 stuff with guns and a bunch of weapons. I just love true survival horror.

And hell to the muhfuh yes on that Phantasy Star JRPG for Wii U.
I like the way you think.



meltendo said:

I'll be at the Con. It's not going to happen, but if Sega announces Phantasy Star Online 2 for the Wii U, I will literally go and get a Wii U. that evening. That's the only Sega property I care about now.



AVahne said:

PSO2? Please? Because Sega doesn't have anything else worth looking at at the moment, other than PS Nova.



GreatPlayer said:

People either love or hate Sonic Lost World. Reviewers either like or hate the game. I love the game, think it is the best 3D sonic game and thus I look forward to the new Sonic Sonic title.

Can Sega even consider bring the Shining Force 3 to Wii U? I played the three episodes in Shining Force 3 and they are awesome.



rjejr said:

My kids and I were just discussing Sonic Boom this afternoon and saying we need to learn more about it before we commit. This should help.



Genesaur said:

New Phantasy Star for 3DS? I know it's too much to ask to get a Billy Hatcher sequel for Wii U.

I don't think it's too much to ask for a new Super Monkey Ball for Wii U. Makes a lot more sense than the mediocre release we got on 3DS.



Darknyht said:

Phantasy Star V, Shining in the Darkness II, Sega Sports returns. Any of those would be nice.

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