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Play & Win: UK Mario Kart 8 Tournament this Saturday

Posted by Nintendo Life Staff

Points make prizes

We all like to think we’re pretty good at Mario Kart 8, but there is only one way to decide who deserves the top spot of the podium here in the UK – it’s time for a tournament!


Nintendo Life will be holding a one-off regional Mario Kart 8 Online Tournament for our UK readers. The top three qualifying players will receive a prize in the form of eShop credit kindly provided by the Official Nintendo UK Online Store.

  • 1st Place: £60 eShop credit
  • 2nd Place: £40 eShop credit
  • 3rd Place: £20 eShop credit


The Tournament will take place this coming Saturday, 26th July 2014 between 4pm-10pm (UK). You can join the tournament at any time between 4pm and 10pm to complete your 12 races.

We'll also be hosting a live stream on our Twitch channel for the final two hours between 8pm-10pm.

How to Enter:

Within the Mario Kart 8 Online menu select ‘Tournaments’ and ‘Enter Code’: 7817-5066-1571-- it's called Nintendo Life UK GP.

Once the tournament has been registered with your console you will be able to start racing once the tournament beings on Saturday 26th July at 4pm. You can join the tournament at any time before the closing time of 10pm.


The tournament will have the following rules.

  • Code-only
  • 150cc
  • All items
  • All control methods
  • Hard CPU
  • 12 races
  • Group swapping every four races

You must compete using a UK Wii U and therefore have a ‘GB’ flag after your name in the final rankings to claim a prize. The top three racers who qualify for a prize should contact us via email ( and include a photo of their GamePad/TV with their NNID in clear view. Members of the Nintendo Life team are not eligible for prizes. All decisions by Nintendo Life are final. If you have any further questions please contact us.

Good luck.

Wait, what? you don’t have Mario Kart 8? Don't forget that the Official Nintendo UK Online Store offers a 30% discount on a Pro Controller when you buy the game.

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User Comments (33)



Bulbousaur said:

Sounds like fun! Sure, there's no chance I'll actually win, but I look forward to it!



ULTRA-64 said:

I would love to take everyone on but I have really bad internet and it's my anniversary so the missus would kill me.....good luck everyone!! =)



kupocake said:

"You must compete using a UK Wii U and therefore have a ‘GB’ flag after your name in the final rankings to claim a prize."

I take it there isn't a way to restrict this at a Tournament level? Because if you're in twelve races with an incredibly good French gatecrasher who pips you into second place every time, the fact that you should have come 1st in all your races won't be reflected in the final scores?



benptooey said:

"The Tournament will take place this coming Saturday, 26th June 2014 between 4pm-10pm (UK)."

Should be July I assume.

Hello! Good luck! I'm nervous! I'm using motion controls! Goodbye!



Jenraux said:

@antdickens What about proxies?

I'm not sure how the game detects your region, but if someone really wanted to, could a proxy put him as British?

Not for me personally, I'm from the UK, just wondered. From what I've seen, the UK's skill-level is somewhat lower than the rest of the world, and it would suck if the top 3 were all outside of the UK.



Grumblevolcano said:

I was planning on not taking my Wii U on holiday (Wii instead because Gamecube games), this changes everything because money prizes! (someone who won or got 2nd could technically get Hyrule Warriors for free if they wanted digital)



EverythingAmiibo said:

Looking forward to competing, I've always considered myself a top-tier player so we'll soon see if that's all brag and no drag



antdickens said:

@Jenraux the eShop credit will only work on UK systems, so even if someone did use a proxy(and the lag that would introduce!) they wouldn't find the prize very useful



Jazzer94 said:

@eltomo Drive backwards when? I can only recall doing that once for an item but I'm sure I was playing ww.



EverythingAmiibo said:

Have been practicing, entered online for the first time in MK8, got ten straight 1st places!!!! I'm so pumped!



TheTeaStirrer said:

I'm definitely entering this tournament! I just have one question, though: can we compete in more than 12 races?



C-Olimar said:

That's the day after my birthday. So... you know... I have birthday luck on my side. Y'all should give up now



Inkling said:

I'll probably join, I never considered myself as a amazing player, but I'm pretty good. Good luck to everyone!



xVAKAR1ANx said:

When the host quits U get zero points and lose a race. Host migration is a must for this

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