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If Your Free Mutant Mudds 3DS Update Causes Issues, Just Beat the First Ghost Level

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Don't panic!

As you may be aware, your 3DS eShop copy of Mutant Mudds now has a free update waiting for installation — this adds the 20 Ghost levels previously included in Mutant Mudds Deluxe on the Wii U; in fact, the update even rebrands your game on the front screen to have that Deluxe title. This is particularly great news in PAL regions, where the expanded Wii U version was never released.

Unfortunately, this update has caused an unexpected bug, which prompted some initial panic that it 'breaks' your save files; it doesn't seem to affect 100% of those that download the update, but did happen to us and a number of others. Your diamond and collectible count may get jumbled in your safe data, and if you'd unlocked the 'Grannie' content, including an extra — particularly useful — playable character, the ability to switch between the two on the front screen is also lost, rendering some extra retro-themed levels inaccessible.

Though Renegade Kid is planning to look into the issue, it seems that these problems are easily resolved by simply beating the first level. Simply access your save file and complete the first Ghost stage — accessed via the mirror in the middle of the screen — and you'll be presented, strangely, with an end credit teaser. Pleasingly, this then fixes your collectible total on that save file and returns the ability to switch playable characters on the home menu screen; all then works as it should.

We're sure that a formal fix will be applied in future, but if your update goes wrong there's no need to panic.

Thanks to James Duckett for the heads up.


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sevex said:

Hmmm, sorta scary. I might wait for further information before updating. Don't wanna risk corrupting my save.



maxcriden said:

How can I get the update to download? It doesn't seem to have done so automatically...?



Nashew said:

Uh-oh. I beat the first Ghost level, but it didn't do the fix. Yikes.



Liquid_ice said:

Ghost levels are awesome! I still need to beat the last one. I haven't been using (and won't be using!) checkpoints, but it's still a nice feature for slightly less experienced players.



Jazzer94 said:

Cool I forgot about this downloading now.

Edit: Had no problems beat two levels so far great.



Giygas_95 said:

Well, glad to hear it! It's weird, because I couldn't find the update on the eshop or by starting up the game this morning, but other people on Miiverse were already playing it (and posting 3D shots of the ghost levels). Well I'm sure glad they're on 3DS now because I prefer having the 3D effect, but I also loved the ghost levels. Now we get both!



millarrp said:

Is this update available in North America as well? I'm at work so I can't connect my 3DS until I get home.



Iggly said:

Atleast it wasn't like Cavestory where the Curly Story Mode was unplayable for the first week it came out, thankfully here you can fix the bug. [I should probably buy Mutant Mudds soon]



HandheldGuru97 said:

Beat first level in the Ghost Levels, didn't fix a thing just like @Nashew...hope it gets fixed soon because I really am digging the Ghost Levels and I would like to wrap up all the Grannie Levels I didn't finish...



GeminiSaint said:

Apparently beating the first ghost level isn't enough. You also have to get all diamonds in that level.



Zizzy said:

I have this game downloaded, haven't played yet, but also haven't updated. Will this issue affect me?



sillygostly said:

Downloaded it first thing this morning and played it non-stop until I completed the game 100% and unlocked the 4 hidden characters. I completed it just a minute shy of two hours. Next!



sillygostly said:

And I hadn't noticed any issues with the game. Grannie simply became inaccessible until the first ghost level was completed (I'm not sure if this was deliberate or not).



xxAcesHighxx said:

@ThomasBW84 / fellow NintendoLifers — Hey Tom, I've got a very quick question for you, if that's okay buddy... Do we know if Renegade Kid ever plan to bring Mutant Mudds Deluxe to PAL region Wii U's, or should I finally give up on the idea of ever getting to play my favourite eShop platformer on my GamePad?

I've asked Jools Watsham several times now (via email of course), but disappointingly — and somewhat surprisingly — I've never got any sort reply. Not even a simple 'we don't know yet'.

Cheers Tom / everyone!



shibbyduckegg said:

Some players haven't had the character switch glitch fix itself until they've finished four Ghost levels. It fixed for me after collecting all 100 Golden Diamonds in Ghost 1-1, can't say if that's a quick fix requirement sadly.

Just keep playing. I've had zero issues after character select fixes itself.



Vallu said:

I was wondering why I couldn't play as granny at first, completed the first ghost level with 100 diamonds and I unlocked it again.



Geni said:

Considering that this game is hard as nails, and I have yet to beat more than 8 levels, the solution "just beat level x" sounds like cynic taunt to me.



Henmii said:

Is the first ghost level really hard? If so, I may better wait for a update that fixes this problem.

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