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Weirdness: Eiji Aonuma Does a Cucco Dance, For Realsies

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Because why not?

What does Eiji Aonuma do when answering a fan question — with colleagues from Tecmo Koei — about the inclusion of Cuccos in Hyrule Warriors? He dances, he dances without inhibition or fear.

We're not even kidding, the video below may be one of the best things we've ever seen. Stop reading and watch it right away. It's priceless.


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NintyMan said:

He did it without a shred of shame. It really shows how much fun he had at E3!



Tsurii said:

Saw that last night and I think some of my neighbours were really close to calling the cops...his dance cracked me that much up



onery said:

Cucco land CONFIRMED!

On the other side of the coin, I could help laughing like one when I saw this



sinalefa said:

The other side of the coin to Kamiya's twitter answer. Both give a dumb answer to a dumb question, but Aonuma dances instead of insulting.

Thanks for reminding us Zelda fans not to take it so seriously.



rjejr said:

But where does Aonuma's cucco dance fit into the official Zelda timeline



andreoni79 said:

Eiji "Shameless" Aonuma as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors; to unlock him, finish the game without hurting any cuccos. Please.



Gaminguy010 said:

I just realized how easy a cucco could hide in a large wave of enemies I'm about to destroy.



RantingThespian said:

"I'm sorry about the development time for Hyrule Warriors, but I'm afraid my walk has become rather sillier recently, and so it takes me rather longer to get to work,"




AdanVC said:

Watching the producer of one of the most respected and beloved gaming franchises in the industry do a Cuckoo dance is just simply the BEST!



Shambo said:

@NintendoMonkey wouldn't that be amazing

I can feel their pain for being unable to laugh or look away from the camera, while this is happening...



Marshi said:

Best.person.ever. The man. The legend. The...cucco? This right here is why I love nintendo man. Sheer unadulterated fun. Video games disney indeed



Dolphin64 said:

@Guitardude7 Sony and Microsoft don't do this. This is why I love staying with Nintendo, they MIGHT not be doing SO hot these days, not like the earlier ones like the early 2000s, (at least in MY opinion.) but they STILL retain that sense of charm and friendlyness. LONG LIVE NINTENDO!
(don't tell me that the Gamecube was the worst selling, I know that.)



WanderingPB said:

@shigulicious awesome idea for a tattoo i must say! But im with u as well when it comes to Wind Waker its close to heart which is why im not ashamed to roll with my Toon Link Plush…HHHIIIYYYAAA haters




And this my friends is why Nintendo makes such fun games! The people making them are like kids that want to have fun!



daniruy said:

Ah, Nintendo... You guys are awesome. It was the Monty Python moment this E3, with Reggie and Iwata fighting and THAT stare form Mr. Iwata...

And now this...

How can I skip a Nintendo console after all?



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome! So excited that Cuccos will be in Hyrule Warriors! It's going to be an epic battle!!

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