Nintendo's E3 digital event is only hours away, and while we're bound to receive plenty of juicy new information about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games for Wii U and 3DS, it hasn't stopped Sakurai from posting a couple of new screenshots to Miiverse.

Today's post reveals further details about the Golden Plains stage, which is based on New Super Mario Bros. 2 and features in the 3DS version of the game. Collecting coins was a major focus in Mario's last 2D adventure on 3DS, and Sakurai and his team have therefore made it a central theme in this stage.

Pic of the day. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a game where you collect tons of coins. Thus, it's only natural that many coins will appear in this stage… Wait, is this really Super Smash Bros??

Sadly, collecting 100 coins won't give you an extra life on the battlefield, although the alternative isn't too shabby; instead your character will turn into gold, which brings with it some considerable advantages:

If you collect 100 coins, you transform into a gold fighter! For a short period of time, your attack power will increase and you won't flinch when you receive attacks. This unique stage's name is Golden Plains and it's exclusive to the 3DS version.

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