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Natsume Confirms Two Game Boy Color Titles Coming to 3DS Virtual Console

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Harvest Moon rising

If you're the superstitious type, you might be cowering at the fact that today is both Friday the 13th and the rising of a full moon; a doubly "unlucky" coincidence. If you're a Harvest Moon or Lufia fan, however, today's news from Natsume brings much more benevolent tidings.

Natsume has posted a roundup of their 3DS digital titles on Twitter, including two Game Boy Color reveals from E3: Harvest Moon 2 and Lufia: The Legend Returns.

Both titles are currently listed as "Coming Soon." The other titles listed are all currently available, with Yumi's Odd Odyssey currently on discount in North America until 15th June.

Are you thinking of picking up either retro title, or is your interest in them waning? Let us know in the comments.


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Flowerlark said:

I already have HM2's catridge, though I might double dip. Definitely picking up Lufia, though!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Is the GBC Lufia comparable to the SNES games in terms of quality? Cause it might take a while until we see the first two on VC, I guess...



CanisWolfred said:

^It's different. Good for what it is, but I'm not sure it's fair to compare it to, say, Lufia 2. Granted, Lufias 1 was pretty bland, so I guess you could say it was better than that at least...



Einherjar said:

Nice to see that the VC is finally getting major momentum from a few different companies Capcom, DONT dissappoint me !



SwerdMurd said:

GBC lufia, in terms of equipment balance / battle math, is completely on par with Lufia 2 for SNES - and quite a bit stronger than Fortress of Doom.

It's quite a bit harder too - bosses are quite a challenge if you aren't force leveling. Dungeon design, however, isn't as strong (everything is Ancient-Cave style randomized) - but it still remains one of the finest games on the GBC - up there with Dragon Warrior 3 GBC. It's great!



joey302 said:

Didn't natsume have a "treat" in store for wii u owners??? Was on NL right before E3. I would LOVE to see Pocky&Rocky 1&2 on wii u vc!!! That would be sick!!



RetroBit said:

Finally a Lufia title on the VC, it's about time! I remember playing this religiously when it first came out.. I mean it's no Lufia 2, but it's just as good



Action51 said:

A Lufia title! ...NICE!

Hate to be the one to say this....but if you are hoping for the GBA Lufia to be released on Wii U - it might not hurt for us to support this one on 3DS.

This is still a decent title, worth checking out.



Geonjaha said:

These were announced months ago weren't they?. I'll be waiting for Harvest Moon 3; I already have 2 in cartridge form.



Alucard83 said:

Why would we want Lufia from gameboy colour while there is a Snes release with much much better graphics and sound! We're getting downgraded version. I guess it's good news for the fans,



Scarhino89 said:

Hopefully about a Lufia and the Fortress of Doom and a Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals on Wii U's Virtual Console.



CanisWolfred said:

@Alucard83 Because they're two different games...that's like saying "Why would you want Link's Awakening when you could have A Link to the Past?"



Windy said:

Maybe Lufia but I'm skipping Harvest Moon until they make a real online co-op version. I might be waiting quite a while for that harvest moon. Looks like its Fantasy Life and Monster Hunter for me in 2015. Really looking forward to those. I may get an Eshop title that sneaks up on us like Gunman Clive.

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