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KickBeat: Special Edition Wii U eShop Trailer Shows Deadly Rhythm

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Fresh footage of X-Type Plus and Master Reboot also released

Zen Studios has undoubtedly been one of the most committed download game publishers on the Wii U eShop, releasing multiple games and some DLC on the store. Occasionally the titles have taken a while and not all DLC has made it, yet considering the limited audience up to this point it'd be a harsh critic that doesn't reserve some praise for the publisher.

It's planning another title for Nintendo's console, too. KickBeat: Special Edition was outed — minus the Special Edition part — in a rating earlier this year; it now seems the Wii U will get the extended version also confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One. A rhythm-fighting game previously released on PS3 and Vita, it now has a new Wii U trailer, below.

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In addition, the Nintendo Wii U UK channel has also uploaded new trailers for XType Plus — we interviewed the developer here — and Master Reboot; our previous chat with Wales Interactive is here. Just for a bonus, below is the recent Pullblox World launch trailer, too.

Let us know which of these titles you're most looking forward to; we've reached out to Zen Studios for more details, meanwhile, and will provide an update as we hear back.

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Mega719 said:

KickBeat looks cool, been looking forward to Master Reboot, I don't know about XType Plus I try to stay away from very difficult games



Dragoon04 said:

What ever happened to C.U.B.E Directors Cut. Is that still coming to the wiiu?



Shambo said:

I need Master Reboot! That looks like something I can really enjoy and get immersed in. X Type + also looks like something I'd want.



audiobrainiac said:

Omg NO thanks kickbeat. Might as well be a dance battle. X-type looks kind of cool, paying homage to one of my favorite arcade shooters. Makes me they'd do a Geometry Wars for Wii U. Master Reboot looks crazy, but kind of in a cool way.



onery said:

Hell yea Master Reboot! That's going to be an instaget the moment I see it in the store...



SahashraLA said:

While XType Plus is a game after my own heart (arcade shooters make up over 200$ of my Wii Shop purchases. Soldier Blade, Contra 3, Gradius, 1942, you name it, I've probably got it. And more on older systems too) but I love the creepy premise of Master Reboot. It has that Omikron feel to it, but even creepier and in first person. I don't usually care about first person games, whether shooters or not, but Master Reboot seems cool.
Not even remotely interested in Kickbeat. Not the flexible female, not the smooth moves, not the quirky combination of dancing and fighting. I remember playing God of War 3. I got to the first gong smashing rhythm level. I quit playing and got rid of the game the next day.



ToniK said:

All cool looking games. Master Reboot interests me the most though.



MrV4ltor said:

@Dragoon04 Yes, but that's also coming to the Xbox One now, which has the parity clause, so the dev has wait till all versions are done until they can release it on all platforms simultaneously.



krisko said:

I just bought this on PC, as I am a huge rhythm game fan and was looking for something new to try. I wonder if the Wii U KickBeat will have the custom song feature of the other versions. Zen has been pretty good with delivering games for Wii U in the past, but the only way they could feasibly include that feature is to run songs from off the SD Card.



Farmboy74 said:

KickBeat looks interesting and a different take on the fighting genre. X Type+ looks like a very difficult bullet hell shooter, I prefer my shooters old school!!



brandonbwii said:

Sometimes I feel NintendoLife should make mention of reviews these ports have received on other consoles just so we know not to get our hopes up. I've read various summaries on Master Reboot for example that says it fails on multiple levels.

EDIT: Just looked up Kickbeat on Metacritic and it only sits at 67%. That's the lowest a Zen Studios game has gotten so far hasn't it? I rarely agree with Metacritic ratings but I still think it's worth noting.



Sean_Aaron said:

One thing to remember about some of these console releases of games from PC releases is that porting can also be a time to add some polish to a title. I wouldn't automatically assume that a port from
PC or any other platform would necessarily have the same problems as the original release. It all comes down to how much time the team us investing in it.



brandonbwii said:

I still find it worth mentioning, even if it comes across as "unfair." Phillip J Reed once mentioned that The Two Bros. was flawed and unpolished. I'm still looking forward to the game on Wii U because I'm cautiously hopeful that it's problems will be addressed in the directors cut, but I'm glad I read the negative impressions in the comments. It's just a way to keep expectations in check.



Sean_Aaron said:

@brandonbwii I read the IGN review of Master Reboot after I read your post. It sounds overall like a game I'd enjoy, but I agree it's good to set expectations since I'd be surprised if significant changes were made to address that reviewer's issues.

The other games look interesting as well; I think ultimately it will all come down to the right price for people to take a chance on something.



Morph said:

Surely we can just read reviews for other formats ourselves without them needing to be posted on this site

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