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Video: Temperatures Rise With This Heated Bolero of Fire Violin Cover

Posted by Alex Phillimore

Triple time tablature

The last time we featured musical prodigy Taylor Davis she had recorded an assured violin cover of the Gerudo Valley song from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Davis is no stranger to performing covers of classic Zelda songs, having also released an impressive violin medley late last year, and now she’s back with a spirited recording of Bolero of Fire.

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Bolero of Fire is featured in Ocarina of Time as a warping song, played by Link to warp to the Death Mountain Crater before the entrance to the Fire Temple. Davis’s heated performance gets the blood pumping, while the beautiful cinematography is immersive and suits the fiery nature of the song.

You can see more of Davis’s work, including information about upcoming live performances and details about her "Melodies of Hyrule: Music from the Legend of Zelda" album, on her official website.

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Dreamz said:

Taylor Davis has a bunch of really great Zelda covers. I've been a subscriber for ages. I especially recommend her Song of Storms cover.



TeeJay said:

Holy wow, her covers are incredible! So incredible in fact that I just purchased her entire album on iTunes. Outstanding.



HappyMaskedGuy said:

Nintendo can definitely lay claim to having the most artistic, creative and passionate fan base of most mediums of entertainment, not least the video game industry.

Treasure these people Nintendo, they hold all the keys to your future survival. Consider what makes them so enamoured and invest in those loyalties.



Sherman said:

Is it a man or woman? =S

Edit: Nevermind, just got to the final part =P



HappyMaskedGuy said:

Thanks, I love seeing Nintendo fans express their love for the brands in so many fantastic ways, it'd be mad for Iwata to ignore.
Respect the fanbase already!

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