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Nendoroid Toon Link Figure Slated for August Release

Posted by Alex Perepechko

To be released only in Japan, of course

The Nendoroid series — from Good Smile Company — certainly has a group of cool figurines set for 2014. A few months ago the company announced a Luigi figure to cap off the Year of Luigi. Today, the company has announced that it will be releasing a Toon Link Nendoroid statue in August 2014 through the Good Smile store (you can find the store with the Japanese text here).

The figure stands at 10cm tall and comes with the Hero's Sword, Hero's Shield, a heart container and, of course, the iconic Wind Waker. Toon Link is famous for his many varying facial expressions, and the figure will come with different interchangeable faces, including a happy face, a nervous one, and an attack version. This allows for anyone to customize Toon Link in whatever way they want, which is sure to introduce some interesting figure poses!

The figure will retail at 4,000 yen, which is equivalent to approximately $40, and is currently set to be released only in Japan. The images below showcase this figurine in action; it looks quite impressive and would be a worthy addition to any Zelda fan's collection.


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Tops said:

That is quite cute, I must admit. Makes me wish I was into collecting this kind of stuff, but I think I'd rather put the money toward a new game



Leonn said:

Just out of curiosity, are things in Japan, like say a happy meal, 5-10 yen, or would it be something like 500 yen? Just wondering



Tops said:

@Leonn According to Google 500 yen is about $5 US, and 10 yen is $0.98 so it seems a Happy Meal would be closer to 500



Nik-Davies said:

Nintendo Life as I mentioned above, there is another version of the website which is in English and is the website you want to go to if you live outside of Japan and want it shipped there.
There is also a 2,000Yen shipping fee on top of the 4,000Yen price
So in total: 6,000Yen
When should roughly come to around £35-40 or $55-60
Can you please update your website



DocGroove said:

Luckily this lovely statue was available for pre-order at one of my local video game stores and instantly ordered it!



BertoFlyingFox said:

Dang, I'd get this for $40. It'd be a nice addition to the collection.

@dreamz Those Samus versions are sweet as hell too! I have to get me one of those, there's no Samus in my collection



smikey said:

£1 british pound is currently 170 yen I know this because we're getting married in Kyoto in 2016 & getting most of the yen now while i's cheap I know it won't be that price come wedding day!

so with the postage to the uk it is about £35.24.
of course once it lands in the uk you could be hit with an import vat charge of around £7 and possible chargers from who ever delivers it as they charge you for "clearing it through customs for you" they seem to make that price up as they go along.
worse still they just turn up at the door and expect you to have cash on you no pre warning at all ever so helpful!

still that won't stop me I really want these



Yorumi said:

Wow that's kind of scary expensive. I got some madoka nendoroids and they were $5 each. I usually spend $40-50 on the 8-10 inch figures. If it was one of those I'd buy it for sure. Shipping is probably going to run you another $15-20+ depending on where you're having it sent.



sleepinglion said:

Some US retailers carry these. Try Big Bad Toy Store or Entertainment Earth closer to the release date.

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