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Fri 2nd Aug 2013

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KingEidilleg commented on Interview: Two Tribes Explains Development Clo...:

I was very sad to hear of their financial troubles... Glad to see it's not over yet, Bought Edge, Rush and Toki Tori for my WiiU yesterday (bought Toki Tori 2 when it was released). I'm really looking forward to seeing new stuff from them!



KingEidilleg commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's eShop Policies Deser...:

There really should be an account based system; it's just much more customer friendly. It doesn't stop me from buying from the eShop though. I DO have a problem with the way you have to purchase DLC; not directly from the store, you have to put the game in your 3DS and then you can purchase....if, in the case of Fire Emblem : Awakening, you've reached a certain point in the game. It, admittedly, is not far into the game but still...