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Gardening Mama Is Gleefully Smearing Her Green Fingers All Over The 3DS This April

Posted by Damien McFerran

Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends confirmed for North America

Majesco has confirmed today that Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends will be coming to the US this April, exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS.

The sequel to the DS original — which itself is an off-shoot of the incredibly successful Cooking Mama series — Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends is developed by Cooking Mama Ltd. and showcases more than 50 new types of plants to nurture.

Here's the press release, along with a complete rundown of features:

Mama is going green again in a brand new stylus-based experience that challenges players to grow 50 fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables her animal friends can sell in their woodland shops. Additional gameplay features of Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends include:

  • Use the stylus as your master gardening tool to plant seeds, bulbs and saplings, then care for them with water and fertilizer.
  • Grow 50+ different types of plants including beautiful hydrangeas, juicy watermelons and sizzling hot peppers!
  • Nurture, harvest and deliver garden items to six different animal stores including: Bear’s Restaurant, Rabbit’s Flower Shop, Cat’s Beauty Shop and Squirrel’s Cake Shop. Fulfill their shop requests to earn garden points!
  • Trade points for items and decorations that let you create a one-of-a-kind, custom garden. Use shop tickets to purchase more flowers, fruits and vegetables to enlarge your garden and make it more productive.
  • Earn rewards such as new varieties of seeds, flower bulbs, and trees from your animal friends so you can expand your garden and they can grow their shops into bigger businesses that attract more customers.
  • New activities with multiple variations star Mama’s friends and family featured throughout the Mama games. Sort, pick, clean, organize, mow, arrange, water, harvest and much more!
  • Keep your garden healthy by protecting your plants from viruses and bugs.
  • Customize and decorate your garden with 100+ items: fences, fountains, playground equipment, topiary, pergolas, sculptures, benches, pets and more. Even dress up Mama in fun new outfits!
  • Use Spot Pass to receive new garden backgrounds

There's no word on a release outside of North America as yet, but we'll let you know the moment there is. Are you ready to get all dirty and grow some stuff with Mama? Or are you scared of her ever-present grin and vacant expression? Let us know with a comment.

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sinalefa said:

"and showcases more than 50 new types of planets to nurture."

Boy, she should be called Gardening Goddess instead of Gardening Mama then.



gurtifus said:

Stop it with these " Mama" !
The first one was a good idea to make use of the DS functionnality but now, that's the same repetitive mini-games with every release !!!
It's definitely turn to shovelware !



XFsWorld said:

Well......for the rest of the 3DS years, we will be getting games like this all the time. Shovelware starts invading Nintendo platforms after a couple of years.



lamco said:

I used to enjoy cooking mama when it first came out, but i agree that it's turning into shovelware. Good example of milking the cow too hard.



2Sang said:

Not that I play the series, but having an option for another good 3ds game is always good.If only wii u could be half as good as the 3ds.



dsparil said:

I still like all the Mama games. There actually hasn't been a new one since Nov. 2011 and this is only the second on the 3DS.



Haxonberik said:

@Damo Oh sorry, my mistake since I loaded the page before it was corrected and the comments keep updating automatically



Player4 said:

Ah, the Mama games.. I enjoyed them so much on the DS and still enjoy them. I really need to get Cooking Mama 4, but some other games have a priority

Also, wouldn't it be awesome if she was in the new Smash Bros?! (Unlikely to happen tho)



LoveSugoi said:

I love Mama but they should focus more on evolving the Cooking games than releasing these spin offs. Gardening Mama I could get behind but Babysitting and Crafting Mama got a big WTF from me. I haven't played CM3 or CM4 but from what I've seen there is little difference between all the entries besides improved graphics and a new mode or two. They could make these games a lot deeper if they wanted to and they sell well enough to justify the cost/effort.

Nonetheless, looking forward to this and hopefully a NA release date for Cooking Mama 5 is around the corner.



AceDefective said:

Oh boy, more Mama games? TBH I totally forgot these games exist. Now it's on 3DS? Well if you enjoy mini-game collections, then I guess it's hype.



ollietaro said:

I'm actually looking forward to this game since I pretty much beat the streetpass Flower Town (i just needed a few more breeds) and I'm looking forward to a deeper gardening game (Rune Factory 4 doesn't have customizable gardens and decorative options and Animal Crossing was tedium and no fun).



ModernMARVEL said:

If a Cooking Mama came to the WiiU with more depth to it, my family would definitely pick it up. I much prefer it to Gardening Mama, after all, how could gardening possibly be funner than cooking?



MamaLuigi said:

Doesn't Square-Enix technically own Cooking Mama now? It used to be Taito until they were bought out...



divinelite said:

what defining indie and shovelware then? it's Nintendo game style, so just pass on if you don't like it

games like brave default and monster Hunter is a rarity in nintendo ecosystem



workerbot said:

I loved Gardening Mama and have been wishing for a good sequel to it, so I'm very excited. I hope it's well-made and as colorful as the first.

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