Disney Magical World

A spoonful of sugar usually helps the unfortunate delay go down - or at least that's how we think the song goes - and today's helping comes in the form of a new trailer for a 3DS title from Bandai Namco and Disney.

Disney Magical World released in Japan last year under the alternate title of Disney Magical Castle: My Happy Life. It's a suitably colourful and charming adventure that stormed the charts for quite some time, and has reached over half a million sales so far. Now it's set for release in North America on 11th April, offering some New Leaf-styled fun with a Disney twist.

You play as your Mii on the ultimate vacation, free of afternoon-draining queues and fully able to explore all the World has to offer, which is actually quite a bit. Interior designers have a café to beautify, outdoorsy types can fish or pick flowers at the request of some very famous faces, fashion fans have no shortage of Disney-themed outfits and accessories to customise their character with, and ghost hunters can...do exactly that. In a surprising turn, the trailer below features some interesting battle gameplay that draws instant comparison to Kingdom Hearts, if a little milder.

In a previously-released Japanese Trailer even more can be seen, including a whole host of classic characters to interact with. If you always wanted Winnie The Pooh to visit your Animal Crossing village then this is definitely the next best thing.

Check out the English trailer below and let us know if you'll be planning a trip.